Sunset [Greg x Rose]

Sunset [Greg x Rose]

They would go on many beach walks, they would sit and watch the sky for hours. And they had a picnic.

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        The short man with wild brown hair was next to the tall woman with beautiful curly pink hair. They sat on the beach, both looking perfectly majestic with the wind blowing through their hair. If one were to look at them from the side, they would have seen the woman was heavily pregnant, the large bump easily visible through her rose-like pink dress. The man’s eyes were directed toward her, staring in awe and he was blushing very slightly.
        A picnic was spread before them, though the contents were less than fancy. Hot dogs, sandwiches, microwave macaroni and cheese, various cheap sodas, and a whole repertoire of commercial brand sweets. The man gently placed his hand in hers and then led it to the surplus of food, and she picked up a hot dog and examined it with the most adorable expression on her face, and then she took a bite and her face gained the kind of blush that only appears when a person eats something absolutely delicious. She told her lover that she very much liked it, and asked if all human food was this good, and when he said yes she began eating more and more of the picnic’s spread, and he looked on in pure amazement and wonder as she consumed at least half of it. He decided that he would join in, and they ate together and gazed at one another with love, love so pure that it appeared to light the small circle of sand surrounding their behinds and legs, and the sun began to set, and that food was no longer in existence.
        The man reached over and patted the woman’s navel, where the baby who would be known as Steven resided. He gently stroked the pink gemstone where her belly button was supposed to be and smiled. She commented that the baby would come soon, and a shared look of sadness passed over the happy couple’s faces. They both knew that because of what the woman was, both her and the soon-to-be-born child could not exist at the same time. The mother would never meet her son, never feel his curly hair, never see his adorable face, never hear of his adventures with her friends, the ones who would protect him and keep him safe, and be kept safe by him in return. But the twosome had time left, had this moment, and all that it held.
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