Awkward [Dipper x Gabbie]

Awkward [Dipper x Gabbie]

Bill was a massive butthead, but sometimes, the things he did ended in good ways.

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        Thirteen-year-old Dipper Pines looked around at the large room filled with streamers and balloons and partygoers. He didn’t belong here, in this place of fanciness. Especially in only his normal clothes. It was an accident, really, that he’d shown up here with Mabel. Bill was once again being his jerky self and had popped them in along with Tiana. And now, he was standing in front of her.
        Gabbie di Angelo.
        She looked awesome in that red-and-cream-colored dress she had on, with her black hair pulled back into a low ponytail. And she was smiling.
        At him.
        He knew he was being irrational, that it was pointless to try and be with her when they were from completely different worlds. Of course, she’d been trapped in the portal for ten years, so it would be a less strange relationship, but still, it would always have to be awkward.
        “Um...h-hi, Dipper,” she said. He could see her dark blue eyes taking in his casual yet awkward form through her glasses, seeing his hat and his shy smile. “H-how are y-you doing?”
        He jumped. “I-I’m good! Yeah, good really...good…” The brown-haired teen trailed off awkwardly, and rubbed the back of his neck.
        She smiled shyly and giggled softly. “I’m good too. D-do you like the party? I-it’s for my brother’s birthday…”
        Dipper gave her a smile when she looked down, probably embarassed. “It’s great. I’s really fancy and cool...and I like it a lot. N-not that I wouldn’t want something that wasn’t fancy! I-I just meant that the fact that it’s fancy is…” He sighed. “I’m way too awkward…”
        “No you’re not.” Gabbie said, looking at him seriously (and rather cutely). “I think you’re really cool, Dipp.”
        “Really?” He blushed slightly, and met her eyes.
        She nodded. “Really..
        “Really really?”
        “Mm-hm, really really.”
        He smiled widely. “That’s great! I mean...wait, what?”
        The black-haired girl laughed heartily and hugged him. “You’re awesome.”
        His blush grew, and he closed his eyes calmly. “Thanks...Gabbrielle…”
        She giggled again and pulled away. “Call me...Gabbie. Okay?”
        He laughed. “Okay.”
        They danced for a while, and had some mishaps with food, but all in all, it was a great night.
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