Steel [Steven x Sapphire]

Steel [Steven x Sapphire]

Sapphire's still really new as a Trainer and isn't the best person to have in a crisis. Poor Ralts. Warnings: mention of blood, awkward conversation, strangers helping strangers out, Steven is princely

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        She had the letter from Mr. Stone, yes, and she’d just beaten Brawly, the Dewford Gym guy. She’d been told to go to Granite Cave to find some guy named Steven and deliver the letter to him. Well, Granite Cave was a heck of a lot bigger and darker than she expected it to be. So when something shiny near the roof of the cave caught her eye, she just HAD to check it out. And now, she was in some guy’s arms after falling from a ledge upon which rested a funky green crystal thing about the size of a baby. This dude had the weirdest hair, a light blue, with matching eyes. He had a really nice smile which she noticed immediately, even though it was surprised and slightly confused, like he’d just been walking by and a girl fell from the sky right where he was standing.
        “You shouldn’t rock climb without the proper gear, you know,” he said and set her down.
        She rubbed the back of her neck. “Yeah, I guess so. Thanks for catching me though.” The young woman looked back up at the ledge. “Wish I could just fly up there or something…”
        Her Treeko, named Alpha, jumped onto her shoulder and started speaking its name with different variations as most Pokémon do.
        "Oh, yeah. I'm an idiot," she laughed. “Alpha, Vine Whip it!”
        Alpha complied, and the green jewel fell into her arms. “So what are you, greeny..?” She was extremely engrossed in her find, and so she didn’t notice when the guy walked off, and she definitely didn’t notice the little blush he had going on.

        “R...ral…” She heard the cry, it must have been a hurt Ralts, and put the jewel in her backpack and ran to the source. Sure enough, the Feeling Pokémon was huddled in a corner. She gently picked it up and cradled it, and felt a rumbling in the ground and the air, and she dropped onto her knees and protected the Ralts with her own body, shielded it from the rocks as they fell from the sky.

        Steven heard small noises of pain, and what sounded like a Pokémon crying. He hurried toward the sounds and saw the girl from earlier laying there, near the wall of the cave, almost unconscious. He kneeled beside her and checked her pulse, then moved over a bit and set out a portable mattress and laid her on it. She opened her eyes and mumbled something, about treating a Ralts’ wounds (there was a Ralts nearby that looked to be in pain, so that was it) and he softly shushed her as he got out his first aid kit from seemingly nowhere.
        She opened her eyes and watched him. “...what’ya doing?”
        “Your wounds, I’m going to bandage them up; you’re bleeding, correct?”
        The girl looked at her arms, her legs. “Guess so…”
        “Which means I’m going to treat them.” And he did. A bit later they sat in front of a campfire, her with a blanket around her and a warm cup of soup in her hands.
        “So...what’s your name? I’m Sapphire.”
        He bowed ever so slightly. “Steven Stone.”
        “Oh, I have a letter to give you…” Sapphire rummaged around in her bag (which miraculously was still completely fine) and pulled out the now-slightly-crumpled letter, and handed it to him.
        "Why, thank you… It must have been some trouble to track me down. I suppose I must repay you in some way. Let me see… I will give you this TM. Please accept it. It contains my favorite move, Steel Wing.” Steven handed the disk to her,
        “Thanks…” she replied as she put it in her bag.
        “You should stay here for the night, it’s getting late and you don’t seem to have anything needed for a camp.”
Sapphire laughed slightly in embarrassment. “It’s only my second day travelling and I spent last night at a friend’s house in Petalburg, so I’m not really ready. I’m actually not prepared for life in general and that’s part of the problem. But yeah, I’m happy to stay…” She blushed. “Not in the way that I like you I mean I like you but not romantic I mean your eyes are really pretty like Dawn Stones but I don’t think of you like that I feel like you’re a great person but not exactly but I don’t mean to say you’re not a good person it’s just-” The honey-haired girl suddenly stopped talking, and flopped down onto the mattress. The soup was in one of those cups that makes it impossible to spill, so there’s no need to worry about that.
        “Heh, so you’re one of those people, Sapphire…”

        The next morning they stood in the sunshine, looking over Dewford Town. “Well, this is goodbye, I guess…” Sapphire said. “It was nice to meet you, Steven Stone.”
        The blue-eyed young man gave a small and playful smirk, then bent down, took her hand, and kissed it gently. “And a pleasure meeting you, Miss Corundum. I hope to see you again.” He left at that point, and Sapphire stood for a while, wondering what on Earth corundum was.
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