Cake [L + Amy]

Cake [L + Amy]

Amy and her big brother L can have issues. Issues that result in extremely angsty scenes. Warnings: blood, mentions of death, not really about cake

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        Amy loved her brother, she really did. So why did he get on her nerves so much?
        It was late one night, and he was working on the Kira case of course. She knew the problem and understood the importance; her father had contacted her numerous times and yelled at her to /do/ something about the deaths, for Zeus’ sake. His security was working triple overtime to keep all the souls in check and most were sneaking into Elysium! Most times, Amy would roll her eyes, but after hearing whispers about the mysterious Kira killing criminals with heart attacks from an unknown location, her interest was piqued, and she looked online to find out more and saw that the infamous L was working on it. Of course she had to go help, even if she was only using her father’s orders as an excuse to see her brother for the first time in at least five years. At first she decided to sightsee a bit with her best friend she called Derek, her own personal shinigami. Countless apple had disappeared from her kitchen and she always had to get about fifty a week because of him. Then she fell off a bridge into a slow-moving river, and he’d only saved her bag from the frigid water. No more apples for him.
        And now, she was finally with her brother again, under the alias Ryuzaki, and he was ignoring her. “Stupid, boring, meanie panda…” she mumbled, sitting upside-down on the couch with her legs over the back.
        “You shouldn’t sit yourself that way, you know,” came his slightly muffled voice (she concluded he was eating the chocolate cake she’d made him earlier). “You won’t be able to do anything if someone comes in with a gun.”
        “Yeah but you’d kick their butt...and their face...” she replied. “And the probability of that happening is about three point oh eight percent…”
        “Still, you should sit at least like normal people.”
        Amy rolled her eyes, and silently slid onto the ground, landing in a crouch. She stealthily crawled toward the endtable near where L was sitting and when she reached it, the black-haired teen slowly put our one pale, slender hand to grab the cake platter, and touched the cool metal with her fingertips, and then her back was against the floor and her brother was looking down at her nonchalantly, but with slight concern, like when she would fall as a child. “Don’t touch my cake..!” He gained a hint of confusion and poutiness in his expression, and sounded ever so slightly childish.
        “Hey, I was the one who created it so there!” She sat up, puffing out her cheeks and sticking her tongue out. Then she got onto her knees and looked at his face closely. “..! You whiner! Little kid!” She laughed, even as he picked her up by the wrist and dangled her about three inches above the ground.
        “I am not a little kid, Amygna. I am an extremely intelligent adult who doesn’t have time to deal with little sisters,” he said, and dropped her.
        Amy’s smile faded, replaced with a look of hurt. ‘He doesn’t have time for me..?’ “Well then I’ll just leave,” she whispered, and ran out of the hotel room, onto the roof, not even putting on shoes. She stood in the rain for a while, and no one could tell if she was crying or not if they were to see her and only see her face, without sound. If one had been listening, however, they would have heard her sobs, and sometimes screams. “He doesn’t have time for me...why’s he going to those lengths to keep me safe, if he doesn’t have time for me? Not telling me our last name or where he’s been the past five years...why?! Why?! Why?! Why?!” She punched the waist-high wall each time she said it, successfully breaking a hole in it, and it was at that moment that Ryuzaki came running to her.
        “Amy!!” He picked her up like a baby and cradled her. “What are you doing out here?! You’ll get sick and-” A smacking sound cut him off, and he looked down at his sister in shock. Her bloodied-up fist had slapped him, and she wouldn’t meet his black eyes. He carried her inside, back to the room, and laid her on the couch. Then he got a first-aid kit and bandaged up her hand, and brought her a towel. “...why did you do that, Amy?”
        She sniffled. “You said you didn’t have time to deal with me.”
        He made a small noise of surprise, then looked downward. “’s not that I don’t have’s that I don’t know know about my social skills...I can’t just make offhanded comments like I do normally, I have to make sure I’m not hurting you...and it’s hard to do that when I’m working, do you understand?”
        “...yeah...I’m sorry…”
        “I’m more sorry, you had every right to be angry…”
        The two of them took a break from the case, and Amy fell asleep in her big brother’s arms, and he laid her down on a bed and kissed her forehead.
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