Rose's Diary

Rose's Diary

The year is 1899. Rose's family is moving from France to America. This is her story.

published on December 04, 201539 reads 14 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.

Entry #1

My name is Rose Fritz, and I am moving with my adoptive mama and siblings from France to America soon. Papa has left a long time ago, and Maman has to take care of me and my brothers and sister. Their names are Aaron, Sheena, and Arma. Arma is my best friend, he is from a place in Asia called China and is very smart. Sheena was found on the street one day a long time ago and Maman and Papa took her in. Aaron was a runaway and we took him in also. I am from Italy, Maman and Papa adopted me because they wanted another child. We are moving because we want a better life. Maman said that she left Germany for France for that reason, and that now it is getting to be a bad life. I will write more soon, au revoir!
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Cool story
on October 24, 2017