Savior [Kid x Kanya]

Savior [Kid x Kanya]

In Japan, a girl has no one to rely on, and powers she has no idea exist. Lord Death sends someone to retrieve her. Warnings: mentioned violence

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        The girl always kept to the shadows.
        She tried not to be noticed and so stayed on the edges of crowds when in one, and when possible avoided them entirely. But of course, she couldn’t be unnoticed forever. Her problems started with the bullies, who would chase her to alleyways at night and beat her with sticks as she huddled in a corner. They would smudge and tear her school uniform, and pull her shiny hair and draw on her skin with markers until they were satisfied, until they saw the tears in the young girl’s crystal blue eyes.
        It went on for years, and as she was an orphan and lived with countless other parentless girls, she had no one to turn to until she was ten, and a girl who looked exactly like her transferred to the school. Her name was Coonay, and though her features were the same as the bullied girl’s, she set them differently, in a fierce “Don’t push me” manner. This was how she carried herself as well.
        Coonay was in the same first and last hour classes as her, and they sat next to one another in both. They became fast friends, though one was shy, as they were honestly very similar.
        One night Coonay decided to follow the girl home, to see what her dwelling place was like. She was extremely surprised when she saw a large group of other schoolgirls menacingly stalking her friend, holding sticks and markers. She stealthily walked after the group, and when they reached an alleyway she saw the girl cowering in the back. She watched as the bullying commenced, hiding by a large trash bin, and after the girls had left, she ran to her friend and hugged her, and took her to her own home, and tended to her wounds and comforted her until she left for the orphanage.
        Coonay watched her walk off, then went to a mirror and breathed on it, and wrote in the condensation: 42-42-564, and the blue ripples spread, and some came back, and the masked Death appeared.
        “Sir? I found her. Her Weapon abilities haven’t activated yet,” she began, “and she’s bullied daily…”
        “Yes, yes, how are you Coonay?~” Lord Death asked.
        She sighed. “I’m fine, but that’s not important right now. We need to help her.”
        “Go and get her then, silly!”
        The ten-year-old sighed again. “I can’t, they’re humans. I can’t hurt them, it’s against the rules.” She was dead serious. “Please send a team in to retrieve her, sir. I made a mistake in trying to complete this mission on my own.”
        The god of order considered her request, then clapped his Styrafoam-like hands. “I’ve got it! I’ll send in my son, he’ll take care of it!”
        She smiled slightly. “Thank you, sir. I’ll wait for him at-”
        “No, no! You stay there and rest, you’ve done enough already, you deserve it!”
        “Yes, sir.”
        “Bye byeeeee~” The connection cut off, and Coonay went to sleep.
        The next night, the girl was again cornered by her tormentors, but this time they had something different. This time, each was holding a bag of rocks, and she looked at them in terror, and shook her head, and they smiled cruelly and opened their bags. The first one threw, but something grabbed her arm and the rock clattered somewhere else. Next thing anyone knew, the bullies were gone and the only figures in the alleyway were the black-haired girl and a twelve-year old boy.
        “Hey, you alright?” he asked, holding out a hand.
        She looked up at him, noting his gold eyes and strange hair. Black, with three white stripes on the left. His clothes consisted of a black suit with a comical skull where a tie would be. “...hai...I think so…” She took his hand.
        He pulled her up and grabbed her shoulder gently to steady her. “My name’s Kid, Death the Kid.”
        “Kanya desu…” the girl whispered, not meeting his lovely-looking eyes with her own. “Why are you here..?”
        “I came to take you to a new home. It’s in a place called Death City, it’s really beautiful.” He held his hand out to the side, a skateboard appearing from it with some purple shadows, and he stepped onto it. “You ready to go?”
        Kanya looked up at him (for he was taller) and bit her lip. “But...I don’t even know...who you are…”
        Death the Kid smiled, an expression that made her heart melt. “You can trust me, I promise. My father’s a good man, he’ll find you a place to live and you won’t have to pay a cent, and you’ll be going to an amazing school full of others like you...not those who were bullied like that, I mean some are, but not most, they can turn parts of their bodies into weapons, and even completely transform into one if they have the skill. Now,” he said. “Will you come with me?”
        The girl hesitated, then took his hand.

        Three years later, at a large party at the school, she kissed him and promised to marry him at adulthood if he asked, because he was her savior, and she loved him.
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