Winnning [Inuyasha x Willow]

Winnning [Inuyasha x Willow]

The two duel every day. They have for months. He's never realized how much he does care about her. Warnings: Fighting

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        It was a day like any other. Search for shards of the Shikon Jewel, take care of anyone trying to obstruct that goal, and, of course, take up Willow on her sword-fighting challenge.
        Yes, you read that right. A human girl with an abnormal sense of smell named Willow would come to Inuyasha each and every day to challenge him to a duel of swords. It had started about three months before. The half-demon had been ‘sat’ by Kagome for perhaps the billionth time when a group of young people had appeared in front of him. The one in the lead, a female with mousy brown hair and an eyepatch, had pointed a sword at him and said “Fight me.” Of course, he hadn’t wanted to, mainly because he didn’t care, but every time he refused she’d just whine and bug him until he accepted. He’d easily beaten her.
        Every day since then, she’d come back. Every time, he’d win. But every time, she was better than the day before.
        Now he was waiting up in a tree between the groups’ camps; waiting for her to smell him and find him to fight him. But...where was she? She should’ve shown up by sunset, but...she hadn’t. He could still smell her, and all her friends, so why? Was she hurt? No, he didn’t smell any blood. But maybe, it was an internal injury.
        The silver-haired dog-eared man found himself growing worried for the girl. Why this was, he had no idea, but he couldn’t help it. Because of this he decided to pay a visit to the youngsters to see what was up. He leapt from tree to tree until he came to the small, firelit camp of those teenagers. There were two tents around the small fire, one probably for guys and the other, probably for girls. He headed toward the one with the most smells hanging around. Inside, he couldn’t see anything, no matter how hard he tried to. He could smell all of them, demons and humans. But he saw none of them, and nothing else in the tent. Only darkness.
        Then, a battle cry was heard, and the six friends came swinging at him, all with swords. Inuyasha barely had time to draw Tessaiga before being struck in the shoulder by Willow and forced backward.
        “You never said my friends couldn’t help,” she said, then kicked him in the chest and sent him flying into a tree.
        “Augh!” He slid down to the ground, his back in quite a lot of pain. 'She’s stronger than I expected,' he thought while trying to clear his dazed mind. Before he could stand, however, a sword tip was pointed at his face, and Willow was at the other end with a smug expression.
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