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the believer part 3
i just relized that there was a movie called the believer i want to change my stories title but i thought i keep it sorry guys :(
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What Anne Saw
Death is inevitable for us all. We are taught at a young age that it exists. The reason we fear it, however, is because we never know when it will strike.
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Favrite Greak myths!
there are many greak myths and i will be telling you them please comment!!!!
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the believer chapter 2
i would have edited the story but i didnt feel like it enjoy rate comment and follow me will always be appreciated that way i will know that you guys want me to continue thank you enjoy
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SHORT Remake of the Hunger Games!!
Featuring guest stars Katniss and Peeta Mellark. This is as if they rebels had lost the war, and the Games continued. And as punishment, Katniss and Peeta have to mentor every D. 12 tribute. It is the 4th Quarter Quell and ther...
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continuing the ginki
same thing as the ginki just kept writing it, hope you like it its really cool
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the believer
a 14 year old boy comes home from school and finds his family dead he sets out on a journey to find what happened to his family this is a romantic action story
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RIP Freddie Mercury, King of Queen
Not really a story, but I really want to express my feelings today. 21 years ago, a rock legend died of AIDS and I'd like to do something on his anniversary.
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The Rise in Popularity of the Term "YOLO".
This is just a short story about how the term "yolo" gained popularity. I got the idea to do this because my brother was running around the house screaming "yolo". lol. Well, hope you enjoy! :D
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For Your Ears only.
Abigail tells A kid at school named Lauren (Laura) A HUGE Secret, then she Realizes she Doesn't Trust Lauren. What Could Go Wrong in a High School?
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The bell wicth
a true ghost story only here! the bell wucth a true ghost story, comment if you like!
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Forever Gone
Lizzie Tehn, fourteen and confused, found a shattered bowl at the park - supposably owned by the 'Mad Woman' next door. She finds jibberish on it, as she tries to find her way in the world it will take quite a few heartbreaks, ...
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Lol for those of you who dont know who the are, we are a group af awsome friends who stand together and fight agianst the haterz on qfeast! (This goes to potterpox, clove, hannahpower, tornadoe, catoandclove)
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Torn Within Sonic The Hedgehog
okay i found out the baby's name and by the way thanks you Leigh07 :D and now let recap: we found that there's a group called the Vortox and that the leader of the group was Camelle, a green with black highlights on her hair an...
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Cookies and milk!
you will have to read to find out! theres peaple in it ok thats all i will tell you
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Red Mist
Liesel is fighting. Her face is as pale as snow. Her hair is as black as coal. Her lips as red as blood. She is a single rose in the midst of a war. And she will fight. Oh, she will fight.
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Off With My Gossip
Kirsten is clearly a nerd but when she gets a chance to be the cute kinda gossip girls she turns it down.Now,her phantom is hauntinng her and messing up her life.Will Kirsten ever get rid of her phantom.Or will he be off with h...
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May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favor!
"May the 42nd annual Hunger Games begin!" Ceasar Flickerman's voice is drowned out by the Capitol's crazy cheers. But I can't hear them. I can only hear blood rushing to my head. My heart pounding through my uniform. All I see,...
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The Red Snow
Once there was a town in the middle of know where. In thi town on the sixth day of the sixth month for six weeks the fountain in town square would turn on. That was when it was believed the nightmare came out to hunt. Kami, is ...
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The Girl With No Name
This is about a girl who was left at an orphanage when she was born because her mother didn't want her. Now, she's about to go on the adventure of her life ot find out 'Who is she?'.
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