a daemon's work is never done

a daemon's work is never done

my name's wildfire,I'll talk about crazy things that her and me do,talks, and the form's i take.

published on May 18, 201313 reads 10 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

weird dreams, may 17,2013

past Tuesday and Wednesday she had two weird dreams and a mini one today.

Tuesday dream,she says that it was a lot of people at a place.

Wednesday dream,she says at first it was a ben 10 dream and turned into a normal one.she was babysitting a kid and pitbull.

Friday mini dream,she says it was something with pictures and a guy.

mini dream conversation

me:who was the guy in the dream

her:no one

me:he means something

her:okay, he's a cute British person

me:anything else

her:yes,once i thought two fake people were hot

me:that's funny

Wednesday dream she thinks i was the pitbull because she thought about me before she went to sleep.
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