Horror Poems:: GOod reads:: Enjoy!

Horror Poems:: GOod reads:: Enjoy!

Just a couple of poems I've written in my spare time... Enjoy! Oh and please, rate and comment!

published on May 19, 201315 reads 9 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.


Sheltered by my own protection,
Veiled by the lace of my shirt,
Covering my haunting blemishes
Raining black flowers to cover the hurt.
They all stare at their creation
Astounded and silent
Am I still not the girl they want relations
With, may I still lie veiled in the night?
Cuffed to their bed
I lay in deceit matted sheets,
Beauty abused by life's lipstick of red
Forcing me upon my knees.
A veil was a piece of wonder
Or that of mourning,
But as I am covered by its allure,
I seem to find myself running.
Shrouded in the darkness to which I am accustomed,
I sit forever veiled by their masterpiece
And I know I may be reluctant,
But I will wear it happily.
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Comments (1)

Oh. My. Gosh! Awsum! My favorite here is Burn Burn!! It is soooo true. Lolz!
on May 24, 2013