Love At First Sight (1)

Love At First Sight (1)

Kelly was walking and out of nowhere a boy runs by will kelly ever be able to get the boys attention?

published on May 14, 201372 reads 24 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.

My Miserable Day

One bright sunny morning 14 year old kelly pines woke up from a long night.She looked at the time and it was 7:45 she got out of bed and walked down stairs to have breakfast.Every one was already down eating there breakfast.She sat down and started eating her cereal.Her mom looked at her."Are you alright sweetie?You look tired"her mom asked."Ya i'm fine I just can't believe scho-"she suddenly stopped "oh no i'm late for school!"she got out of her seat and ran up to her room."Kelly finish your cereal!"her dad yelled after her.Kelly was ignoring her father.She went through her dresser and slashed out some clothing.She got changed as fast as she could then ran to the bathroom.She brushed her teeth ran down stairs kissed her parents goodbye and ran outside.But kelly didn't notice she forgot her backpack at home.She got to school and ran to her class room.Everyone stared at her like she did something wrong and embarrassing."Why were you late?"Mrs.Jason asked strictly.Kelly looked at Mrs.Jason and answered "I-I don't know I was sleeping an-"kelly stopped.Mrs.Jason interrupted kelly "STOP!"Mrs.Jason yelled "There is no need for this now sit down!"Mrs.Jason continued.Kelly sat down.She looked behind her to see if she forgot anything."alright take out your text books and turn to page 344"mrs.Jason demanded.Kelly got up to look in her backpack.She got to her locker and her bag was not there.Kelly walked up to her teacher."yes?"Mrs.Jason asked."I-I forgot my bag at home"kelly explained biting her lip."I can't except this go go home now and don't come back for the day"mrs.jason said.Kelly was walking home.When she got home she sat down miserable.She looked at the time and thought "maybe I should take a nap".She ran up stairs lied on her bed and fell asleep.
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Comments (3)

You really like kelly Clarkson don't you?
on October 30, 2013
nice story!
on July 30, 2013
Hope you guys liked it
on May 14, 2013