Forever Yours

Forever Yours

When 16 year old,Jamie Adams invited her three best friends over for the summer,she thinks that everything will go just right.She didn't expect to fall for her best friend.She didn't expect to become a werewolf.But most of all,she didn't expect to become who she became.A role model.That when times get tough,and you take a fall,get right back up & try again.

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Chapter 1.

Welcome to my home!

16 year old,Jamie Adams jumped up and down excitedly."What's taking them so long?"She wondered aloud."Maybe they decided not to come!"Tyler,her 20 year old brother,teased.Jamie scowled at him.She turned back to the window anxiously.Then,at the end of the road,there was a pop! and 3 boys and a man appeared out of nowhere."THEY'RE HERE!"Jamie screeched excitedly.Jamie pulled on her shoes and ran out the door."Jamie!"the middle boy laughed.He had sandy colored hair and amber eyes.The boy on the right had shoulder length black hair and grey eyes.The last boy had messy black hair,hazel eyes & round glasses."Hey guys.Come on!"Jamie said pulling Remus' arm."Whoa!Don't rip his arm off!"Sirius commented.They walked up the porch.Jamie took there stuff from James' father and placed them in the living room."So,this is a muggle house?"Sirius asked flopping on the couch."Uh-huh.It's small,though."Jamie answered.Then Jamie had an idea."Hey!Wanna see my room?Since you'll be sleeping in it."She asked.They all agreed and followed Jamie up the carpeted staircase.They reached her room.There were two beds.One on the left and right.There were two dressers as well.On top of 1 dresser was a small pink TV and black alarm clock with blue numbers.On top of the other dresser were movies.Most of them said 'Road to Avonlea' on them.The walls were painted pink."I hate the color.My sister,Clarissa,picked it out."Jamie explained.Remus sat on the bed beside her."So...I guess we need sleeping arrangements?"Jamie asked,The boys shrugged & nodded."Alright.I'll sleep on the floor.Two of you can sleep in my sisters bed and one of you can sleep on my bed."Jamie suggested.The boys immediately started disagreeing."No!It's YOUR bed!You should sleep in it."Remus reasoned."The floor is ALOT more comfier than the bed.I think i'll sleep there..."Sirius said thoughtfully."I don't wanna sleep with Sirius or Remus!"James spluttered.Jamie shook her head."How about me & Jamie share one bed and Remus & James share the other."Sirius suggested."Ew!Um...fine.But you sleep on one side and DO NOT snore!"James said to Remus.Remus stuck his tongue out at James."Oh,that's mature!"Sirius joked.That's when Jamies mother came up."Alright.You four should start to get into your pajamas."She told them before walking into the laundry room to do some...laundry?Jamie had always been insecure about herself.That was why during the day,Jamies clothes were always to big on her.But at night,her pajamas fit so perfectly and showed every curve in her body.Remus could've sat there all night staring at her and drooling a pool.But he was slapped on the back by James.Jamies mother flicked off the light.Jamie pushed herself farther away from Sirius.Sirius quietly climbed out of bed and poked Remus."Hey!Wanna switch?"He whispered.Remus smirked."Sure.."He whispered back.Remus climbed out and Sirius took his place.Remus crept over to Jamies bed.He climbed in beside her.Jamie looked up and saw Remus.She carefully reached up and stroked his hair.The two teenagers fell into a deep sleep...together.

A/N:Just wanted to let you guys know that the next chapter may have scenes of rape.I assure you that it won't be detailed because I hate writing these scenes.Please forgive me if you hate those kind of stories!And no,Remus,James & Sirius are not going to be the rapers.
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What? If she was getting raped, why didn't they stop those animals?
on July 31, 2013