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The Next Star:Fiction and Celebrity version (Season 7)
Sorry if this sucks because season 6 was the only season i've seen.Also here's how it's gonna go:Auditions pick 16,16 gets cut to 11,11 gets cut to 9 and 9 gets cut to 6.If you don't like that way tell me and i'll fix it.Alrigh...
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I hereby dedicate this story to different fandoms.Each chapter will have a new Show/Book/Movie,a description of it,stuff that is similiar,a list of main characters and sometimes,the fans names.Ex,Potterhead or Directioner.
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Everyone Has Family
Takes place after PJO:TLO but before HoO:TLH.(Translation:Takes place before Percy Jackson ad the Olympians:The Lightning Thief but before Heroes of Olympus:The Lost Hero).Nico thinks he has no family.But Sally and Percy show h...
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Feeling Trapped
My name is Jamie.I live with my father and sometimes I hang with uncles/aunts/cousins.But they aren't exactly normal.And I think dad is hiding something big from me.
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Four plus one equals 5
Jamie Knight is part of a old line of pure blooded wizards.Her and her brothers (8 years older) are the new generation of Knights.Jamie is 11 years old and will be starting her 1st year at Hogwarts soon.She can't wait to start!...
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Happily ever After...Not!
Sequel to Forever Yours.Jamie and Remus are living happily after.For now.A new threat is on the horizon and it seems set on tearing the happy couple apart.No matter what it has to go to.Killing James & Lily seems top of the lis...
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Was it fate that brought you here?
He was a 16 year old boy living in the past.Forced into prostitution by President Snow and living with the constant burden of mentoring children for the annual Hunger Games.She was a 15 year old girl,lost and lonely.All she kne...
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Stiff Beginnings
The story of a young girl who lives under many dangers.A great story actually.This story will be continued by my 10 year old friend,Meghan.She's really excited to be working on it.When she's done writing chapters i'll edit and ...
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Foxfaces Backstory
As promised to the people who answered my question,here is Foxfaces backstory.
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Forever Yours
When 16 year old,Jamie Adams invited her three best friends over for the summer,she thinks that everything will go just right.She didn't expect to fall for her best friend.She didn't expect to become a werewolf.But most of all,...
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