Four plus one equals 5

Four plus one equals 5

Jamie Knight is part of a old line of pure blooded wizards.Her and her brothers (8 years older) are the new generation of Knights.Jamie is 11 years old and will be starting her 1st year at Hogwarts soon.She can't wait to start!And life won't be ALL sweet at Hogwarts.Slytherins,detentions,strict a new threat on the horizon (our favorite villian!).This year may be more thrilling then we thought...

published on June 18, 201314 reads 10 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


My name is Jamie Knight.I'm 11 years old.I should probably start off by telling you about my family.I am a pure blood witch but my parents LOVE anything muggle related.Our house is a mix of wizard and muggle things.I have two older brothers,Nicholas and Steven.They are twins and are 19 years old.They left Hogwarts 2 years ago.I have lots of friends but only 3 close friends.One is a muggle friend I met at muggle school named Jadyn Goncalves.We like to read together and she knows i'm a witch.Jadyn is one of my only girl friends.Most of my friends are boys.My second best friend is a witch one year older then me named Sara Heights.She is going to be in her 2nd year at Hogwarts this year.She's a Hufflepuff.And my final best friend is Sirius Black.I've only met him once.We met at Diagon Alley one morning.I was waiting in Quality Quidditch Supplies while my mother bought Nicholas & Steven their books and new brooms (because Nicholas became Head Boy and Steven was a Prefect).I was about to leave for the joke shop when Sirius walked up to me.We chatted and I grew to like him.After that meeting,me and Siri kept in touch by owl.My owl,Owl (I named him when I was 3!Cut me some slack!),always brought the letters because Siri doesn't have an owl and Nicholas and Steven wouldn't let me use their owls.My story begins the morning I got my Hogwarts letter...
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Comments (2)

on July 31, 2013
Nice. Potential potential pontential! but this is only the prologue!
on June 18, 2013