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Anybody like me?
I really,really miss all those old shows like...Bill Nye the Science Guy or Magic School Bus.But if I watch them others kids will make fun of me.Does anybody feel the same way?
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Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters?Seen it yet?
OMG!It was awesome!I loved Tyson!Anyone else see it?Notice how the prophecy was different?If you haven't yet you're missing out dude.What was your favorite part?I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.Percy Jackson and the Sea ...
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What would you do?
There's something that I really want to do.I know it's the right thing to do and i'll be helping people but what if I can't do it?And what if people hate me for doing it?What would you do?
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How do you post a video on Youtube?
This is for my friend,Meghan.She wants to know how to do it and I don't know either so can you tell us?
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How do I track down a missing Kobo?
My mom lost her Kobo Arc and now we can't find it.Somebody please help me and fast!
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Name your favorite...
Answer all these questions and i'll follow you (except if i'm already following you.Start with the title then read each of the endings and answer them): -Harry Potter character(s)? -Austin & Ally character(s)? -Hunger Games ...
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Please give me links!(I've already got Harrys)
I neee help finding links to these characters costumes: Gilan (Ranger's Apprentice) Will Treaty (Ranger's Apprentice) Halt (Ranger's Apprentice) Morgarath (Ranger's Apprentice) Max Capricorn (Doctor Who) Harry Potter (Har...
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Should this be happening?
On Saturday,me,my sister and my cousin went into my aunts pool.My aunt has an above ground pool and it's not heated,so the water was freezing.After a couple hours in the pool,my nipples started to hurt when I put them in the wa...
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What is Math and how does it work?
Random questions I want answers to
I didn't feel like making separate questions for all of these so here they are: 1.Why wasn't Hermione in Ravenclaw? 2.Does anyone else like Anne of Green Gables? 3.What about Road to Avonlea? 4.What's your favorite color? 5.Rea...
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WANTED:New characters for my upcoming story
All you need to do is fill out this form and i'll add your character to the story i'm making.Will accept late entries. Name: Age: Gender: District: Family: History: Weapons: Weaknesses: Strengths: Fears: Training Score: Intervi...
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Do you think this will work?
I just thought of this idea but i'm not sure if it will work.Here's what I was thinking.There is a organisation called SCAW and I want to raise money.So,as an idea to get money,I thought i'd write little books at home and sell ...
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Does Voldemort have MPD?
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How can I help the people less fortunate then me?
Whenever I hear something sad on the radio or television I really want to help.But whenever I tell my parents this they say "You're just a kid."I'm NOT A KID!I'M 12 FLIPPING YEARS OLD!Why can't I help?But a better question is.....
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Can someone give me advice?
My sister is fat.I know it's not nice to say it,but she is.She doesn't fit in ANY of her clothing and i'm worried.She just doesn't know when to STOP eating.Can someone give me some advice?(That's her in the picture)
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Can someone help me?
I'm doing a school project on a movie/book/TV character and how they live there lives (It's a Drama project) and we have to act out our character and have information on him/her.Mine is Foxface but I can't find any real good in...
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