Everyone Has Family

Everyone Has Family

Takes place after PJO:TLO but before HoO:TLH.(Translation:Takes place before Percy Jackson ad the Olympians:The Lightning Thief but before Heroes of Olympus:The Lost Hero).Nico thinks he has no family.But Sally and Percy show him otherwise.One-shot maybe a Two-shot.Written to hold you guys off 'til my new PJ/HG fic comes out.

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It was after the Titan War.14 year old,Nico Di Angelo should've been happy.The Hades cabin at Camp Half-Blood,under Annabeths watchful eyes,was becoming deathly (get it?Hades,God of death and wealth?).He had lots of time to hang out with his father and Persephone.He had many friends:Percy,Annabeth,Thalia,Tyson,Mrs.'O Leary,Clarisse.But yet he felt empty inside.He didn't know why.It's like a part of his soul was lost.Nico sat on the fire escape connected to Percys room.Percy was out with Annabeth and Sally was out with Paul.He could go inside.Eat,Relax,then shadow travel away.Nico hadn't eaten in days though and the thought made him scared for some reason.He watched the hustle-bustle of New York.From here he could just see the Empire State Building.The gods were up there.No doubt planning another demigod quest.He finally decided to go inside.No use freezing himself to death.It wasn't winter but it was starting to get dark and we all know darkness comes with coldness.Something Nico knew from first-hand experience.He climbed through Percys window and through Percys small apartment.Just as Nico decided to have maybe just a little snack the sound of the door opening stopped him.Any other person would've shadow traveled away.Not Nico.Nico was curious.He stopped,his hand midway to the fridge and looked up as two people walked into the kitchen.The two people were,in fact,Sally Jackson and Paul Blofis.Sally took one look at Nicos skinny body and her motherly instincts kicked in."Nico!You look so skinny!And is it normal for a teen to shake so much?"Sally fretted.Nico felt a sudden warmth wash over him as Sally tried to get him to eat something and told him he could sleep on the couch with a blanket.Nico lay on the couch when Percy Jackson walked in.He was very happy from spending a whole day with Annabeth.Sally turned her attention away from Nico for a few seconds to ask how Percy was before she continued to make Nico eat.Percy noticed the younger boy and started to look slightly worried."Nico!Are you alright?"Percy asked.Nico nodded weakly.Nico suddenly felt kinda angry.Percy,everyday,got this women to take care of him.But Nico,Nico had no one.Later on that night,after Percy had given him another blanket and Sally had fed him 'til he was full,Nico realized that he did have someone.Not just one person bit two.Percy and Sally.And he was happy about that.
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