The Next Star:Fiction and Celebrity version (Season 7)

The Next Star:Fiction and Celebrity version (Season 7)

Sorry if this sucks because season 6 was the only season i've seen.Also here's how it's gonna go:Auditions pick 16,16 gets cut to 11,11 gets cut to 9 and 9 gets cut to 6.If you don't like that way tell me and i'll fix it.Alright.Let's find out who The Next Star will be...

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Chapter 1.


Judges,Keshia Chanté,Tara Oram and Mark Spicoluk were seated in front of the spot where the people would be auditioning this audition was open for ages 9-20 and the judges were excited to see some singing talent from these people who were known so well.#1 walked through the door.

He was a boy.No older than 15 with black messy hair and bright green eyes.His eyes were glinting behind his glasses.

"Hello.What's your name?"Tara asked him.

"Harry Potter."The boy answered.

"And what song will you be singing?"Mark asked.

"Uh...Best Song Ever?"Harry asked.

The judges nodded and Harry started singing.His voice was very squeaky.The judges realized this was gonna be a LOOOONG day.


#67...#129...#132...Finally the last number (200) had gone.The judges talked amongst themselves.Alot of the groups/solos that had just sung had been amazing.Finally,they came to a desicion on who the 16 that were moving on would be.They went out to the lobby where all the people stood and quieted them down.

"I know you all worked very hard to get here and that's great.We wish we could pick all of you.But only 16 will make it in."Tara started.

"And those 16 are..."Keshia added.

"1.Nico Di Angelo
2.Hermione Granger
3.Bella Swan
4.Bill Nye the Scienc Guy (pretend he's 20)
5.One Direction
6.Selena Gomez
7.Katniss Everdeen
8.Peeta Mellark
9.Luna Lovegood
10.Carter Kane
11.Edward Cullet
12.Candace Flynn
13.Justin Bieber
14.Bridgit Mendler
15.Fletcher Quinnby
16.China Ann-Mclain"Mark announced.The top 16 all cheered happily.
"Tomorrow will be the first rehersal so be there.See you then!"Tara waved and the three judges walked out of the room.
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Woo! Who will win? Lol
on October 02, 2013