Happily ever After...Not!

Happily ever After...Not!

Sequel to Forever Yours.Jamie and Remus are living happily after.For now.A new threat is on the horizon and it seems set on tearing the happy couple apart.No matter what it has to go to.Killing James & Lily seems top of the list...

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It was a sunny Friday.It seemed cruel to have it so sunny.I slumped on my bed the agony of her death washing over me."Jamie?Are you in here?"Remus said softly as he pushes open the door."Remus..I can't go.I can't do this."I whisper.Remus sighs and sits beside me on the bed."You have to be strong for Sara.She's all we have left now."Remus tells me holding my hands in his.I nod sadly.In case you haven't guessed,my youngest daughter,Meghan,died last week.She had been kidnapped a month before and they found her body last week in a ditch.Now it is time for her funeral.Someone or rather,something,must hate me and Remus.Meghan dead.I stand and we get ready to leave.At exactly 9:00am we leave for Godrics Hollow to meet James,Lily & 11 year old,Harry.When I arrive (before Remus) I know something is wrong.The house is oddly quiet."James?Lily?Harry?"I venture a call.But no one answers.And then I reach the other side of the house.Everything would've looked totally normal if HALF THE HOUSE WASN'T ON THE GROUND IN DEBRIS!Just then,there is a running noise and Harry comes out."Where are your parents?"I ask."Mum told me to stay in the closet.I don't know where they are though.."Harry explained.I frowned."James!Lily!"I call once more.No answer."Harry...what happened?"I ask."I don't know."Harry answers.Just then,Remus and Sara come up beside me.That's when I hear a cry.It is a man's voice,I can tell."H-hello?"It calls.I make my way slowly throught the debris hoping against hope that it's James.I reach the spot where the voice came from and dig frantically through the debris.Then,James' head is visible and I give a cry of relief.I pull him out and he lays on the debris for a long time crying."James!What happened?Where's Lily?"I ask him."You-know-who...he attacked the house.We ran and told Harry to hide.But Lily wasn't fast enough and when I went back to help her I tripped and fell face first into the rubble.When I looked up,he was gone and the roof was caving and...Lilys dead."James explained.I look up."Remus.Can we schedule the funeral for another date?We need to get James to St.Mungos."I call back."Dad!"Harry cries and tries to run over to us but Remus holds him back."I'll go floo them.Can you take Harry,Sara and James back to our house?"Remus called.I nodded and helped James up.He leant on me as we walked to the fireplace."Alright.Sara you go 1st.Nice clear voice."I tell her.Sara does as shes told."Now you Harry."I say gesturing to the floo powder.Harry takes some and does the same.I help James into the fireplace and we floo back together.I help him into a bed.And he falls asleep.

After putting Sara and Harry to bed,I sit on the couch."Remus...we've got too much here to handle."I say my face in my hands."So,get someone to help you."He calls from the kitchen."Like who?If I bring another kid in here that's just going to be another mouth to feed,Remus!I barely have enough money to support you,me and Sara plus the times when Sirius stays here.Now I have to work even harder to get Harry and James back onto their feet.Hiring another kid will just make this harder.Plus,I have to pay for Lilys funeral costs too because James is too banged up to visit Gringott's."I say."Well...we'll just have to work harder when we get this child.Plus,Harry and Sara will be going off to Hogwarts soon.It's settled then."Remus told me.I hate when he does that."Fine.We'll have to visit a wizarding orphanage tomorrow."I tell him.He smiles knowing he's won.That's when Sirius arrives.He's dripping wet from the rain,He has his new wife that he married two weeks ago,and a baby that must've been born a few days ago."We need a place to stay."He tells me.I turn and glare at Remus who chuckles nervously as I let them in.3 more people...just what I need.
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more! More!
on July 31, 2013
wow depressing beginning but good.
on June 12, 2013