me and my boo

me and my boo

a tale of love and life(real not fairytale perfect life)it is prrtty awesome.

published on May 14, 20139 reads 9 readers 3 completed

the date

Jayden:girl u need to get out there and find somebody.

Me: i know but its just so hard.

Jayden: i know fthis guy Roc and he will be perfect for u. ill set u two up on a date tonight at sonys it'll be fun .

Me: a blind date? i dont know about this...

Jayden: you'll be fine. i promise.

Me: iguess it cant get any worse than this so okay...(covers my ears)

Jayden: (screams) u wont regret this.

Me: i already am regretting it.

jayden: oops,sorry.

                                                           (at home getting ready)

Me:(on phone with Jayden) i need you .come over quick!

Jayden: im almost there!

Me: thank god ur here i don't know what to wear!

Jayden:i know! u can wear that mini dress with ur pink stillettos.

Me: i dont want to come off as a slut. ill just wear the sundress with no straps and the stillettos.

Jayden: i guess thats still pretty cute.

                                                          ( at sonys)

Trey: hi, are you the girl Jayden sent?

Me: yes, are you trey?

Trey: yes, and you look lovely.

Me: you look pretty handsome yourself.

Trey: thank you.

waitor: are you ready to order?

Me: yes, i'll have the alfredo riggatoni'

Trey: and i'll have the same.

waitor: i'll bring the food shortly.

                                                   (after dinner and idle conversation)

Me: that food was lovely

Trey: speaking of lovely

Me: oh stop! ;-D

Trey: (caresses my hand) will you be my girlfriend?

Me: yes! oh my god yes!

Trey: (kisses me for the first time) i fell in love with you when i first saw you.

Me: me too (kisses him with unbound passion)

Trey: your beauty is so distracting i almost forgot to give you this...(pulls necklace out of his pocket)

Me: oh my god! thank you!

Trey: its getting late, you wanna go to my place for champagne

Me: yeah sure.

                                                            (at his place)

Me: have you ever been in love more than once?

Trey: yes, every second i spend with you i fall in love all over again

Me: awww, thank you(kiss)

Trey: (kisses with passion)

                              (the part that was supposed to go here is not internet friendly ;-) from the author ;-)

                                                                (the next morning)


Trey: am i boring you already

Me: oh no, last night was all the fun i needed

Trey: well good cuz i just want you to be happpy

Me: aww thanks

Trey: ur welcome

Me: ur not like any other guys I've met

Trey: thanks, oh and can i ask you something?

Me: Sure

Trey: would you go steady...with me?

Me: uh duh!

Find out what happened next in part 2
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whats part too
called telll meeeeee pleaseeeeeee
on September 28, 2014
on September 28, 2014
wats part 2 wats part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT please tell me please
on May 21, 2013