Life of Poppy who was stuck in a dream!

Life of Poppy who was stuck in a dream!

This book is about a little girl called Poppy,who is 10, she has long brown natural, curly hair. One night she got stuck in her own dream!Some people might think that is impossible but Poppy thought it was normal.

published on May 19, 201313 reads 7 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.

One stormy night.

At 10 oclock I went to bed, I through the covers over me and I got a shiver right up my back. I was all alone,except my nan was in the other room, and i was getting quite scared, I was watching Tracy Beaker Returns. Before I new it I was asleep, all snuggled up to my teddy. Then my nan came in to check on me and i was asleep so she turned my telly off and kissed me on my head and tucked me in also she put a little drink at the side off my bed and then my sister came home from her friends and got at the bottom of my bed because it was chilly in her room.
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make the next chapter its great!
on May 19, 2013