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How Trillie mas made!

We just finnished a show and I was tired. I layed down on the couch backstage and dozed off for a bit. I drempt of home... When I awoke I was a bit sad.
I sighed and Tre walked in the door.
- Billie? Honey? Were did you go? he came skipping. I laughed but was still a bit sad about being away from home for the past 5 months. Its tuff y'know!
- Im over here Tre! I smile.
He came and sat on my waist.
- Come on we had a kick ass show! lets go get drunk as f*ck!! He smiled widley.
I pushed him off and raced him out of the room to the parkinglot.
When we got to the bar Mike was already there with 3 beers in his hands. He threw one my way and one at tre. Tre missed and the bottle smashed on the gorund and covered him in achool. We all laughed.
- Your buying! Mike pushed Tre over the puddle. Tre laughed again.
- Sure why not, just let me pull some money out my ass! He reached down his pants. Me and Mike laughed
- OK! Tre! Holly sh!t! me and Mike said in rythm.
He pulled out a 20$ bill outta his pants. I was amazed. Did he really pull a 20$ bill out his ass?
After a couple (LOTS OF) beers we had to walk back to the hotel. Mike decided to hang out at a strip joint with some of our older fans. Me and Tre both intoxicated held hands and skipped back.
Once in the hotel I ran for the toilet before my supper got all over the carpet. When i walked out of the bathroom I saw Tre sitting on the bed possing I laughed and crawled in beside him. We looked in each others eyes for a moment and then I kissed him. It felt good. So we continued. Im not sure what was going threw our minds but we eventually ended up sleeping together. Mike didnt come back tell dawn and when he saw me and Tre in the same bed and our clothing on the floor he took a picture and sent it to the both of us. When we woke up I was a little embarassed I quickly got dressed. But what I felt for Tre? What was it? Were we just drunk or do we have feeling for each other...

Should I add? And its true billie did sleep With Tre when they were younger so I decided to wright a short novel on how I think it would have happend! :)
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Great story!If you like Harry Potter I have a friend (HermioneGranger24) who wrote a story.It's called:You'll be in my heart.I read it and I had tears in my eyes.
on June 16, 2013