the evil muffin

the evil muffin

this story is about a baker who made muffins. when the baker died his spirit took over a muffin and tried to destroy ponyville.

published on May 15, 201314 reads 10 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.
the kind baker

the kind baker

far, far away in ponyville there was a kind baker named, Mr. Carrot Cake. he loved to make sweets, muffins especially. Mr. Carrot Cake was delivering bran muffins to Derpy Hooves, when he got shot in the shoulder by Cherry Berry who was practicing archery at the time. Mr Carrot cake died of lead poisoning three days later.
      Before he died Mr. Carrot Cake vowed that he would cover the land in darkness FOREVER! When the six heard, Twilight sent a letter to Princess Celestia telling her to send the Elemants Of Harmony so they could stop him.
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Comments (1)

Poor Carrot dude.:((
on May 21, 2013