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Weather in Canada (Hetalia Fanfiction)
This is a story about how the allies and the powers can manage to get along for several weeks of being stuck together in a cabin out in the Canadian wilderness. Read on to see how they manage to not kill each other in the process.
35 reads 33 readers 2
Qfeast Monthly New Year
This is the biggest QM of the year! The naming of the Qfeast mascot and the Qfeast Awards!
253 reads 48 readers 12
The Book of Qfeast People
This is a story dedicated to telling facts about the people of Qfeast! This is a good way to get to know others!
699 reads 90 readers 252 profile story
I died yesterday. I'm not accepted into heaven. But I still have a chance to get in. Why I'm not accepted, you ask? I died doing bad. I died killing my best friend. If that makes any sense. I must prove myself worthy by doing g...
283 reads 35 readers 16
The Creation of a World
It all started with the Two Great Ones. To fend off the darkness, these beings came together to create light.
17 reads 15 readers 9
Priceless (A MIKA Fanfic)
I really don't know what to put, but this is a Mika fanfic about what it would be like if he was my age and went to my school. A tale of loneliness, love and friendship. Enjoy!
295 reads 30 readers 28
Demigod/Wizard Character Generator
This is a generator for a half wizard half Greek/Roman god. Have fun and here you are @Elleyd! :)
604 reads 63 readers 12
An Assortment of Poems
Well, I suppose that my most unusual ramblings pour out into my writing. Poems are a great break from my prose and significantly easier. I thought I'd share some just because.
39 reads 12 readers 5
A School Day In The Life Of Nonpareil (1)
Because so much drama happens at my school, I decided to make this to show you all how unsafe and horrific my school actually is. This is just what happened today, but this is basically what my school is like every day. Enjoy r...
73 reads 25 readers 13
Qfeast is Making a Movie!
Qfeast decided to make a movie! Who is the director? The backstage crew? The cast? Find out!
388 reads 87 readers 299
Speckled Wings
The Tutelae are the winged guardians of the world Aquahanna. They are split into two groups: the general Tutelae and the Proditores. One day, the Proditores took over and threw out the Tutela. When Alae, the daughter of a power...
11 reads 11 readers 11
Qfeast Academy
Imagine what it would be like if all the Qfeasters went to a boarding school together to learn about fandoms. Follow the adventures of you and your Qfeast friends in this story as we go through school life together. . .
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Bad Apple
It all changed when I saw not one, but two letters on my desk at school. I was swept off into a world of shades, I danced between the tribes, and saw that there was light in the dark, and darkness in the light.
29 reads 13 readers 5
The Music Fandoms
Ever wondered what the music fandoms are really like? Read interviews with Qfeasters from each music fandom to find out if the fandom is really like how everyone thinks it is! And if you want to be in this, just post your chapt...
119 reads 28 readers 6
BackToHumans' Rants
I'm in the mood to rant about something. You guys can gimme suggestions if you wish. The whole point of this is for you to have something you can agree with.
38 reads 21 readers 7
minion language!
Keep Calm And LOVE MINIONS ! - Minion Lover - Keep Calm AND Adopt One MINION ! - Minion Lover -
102 reads 39 readers 9
Rants About Things
So yea, I'll be ranting here... Thought it would be appropriate to make a book full of my rants so you can read them all. *DISCLAIMER* These are all my opinions. These rants will contain OFFENSIVE comments. If you are SENSITIVE...
131 reads 33 readers 18
The Life of being a slave
A extended (much hopefully) version of The slave and will include cool details past lives ect. Look at the youtube which is on my page, and enjoy! :) Give credit to a girl who gave me a great idea when I thought all was lost .....
40 reads 22 readers 4
The Magic of Corruption
Wow I tried 8 times to describe this fancily here is my cut-down description: The son of a powerful sorceress starts to discover her dark secrets and the secrets of his evil father. A tale of corruption and magic and horror. B...
23 reads 12 readers 20
The Fire in our Hearts
This is a fiction tale of a girl who was thrown into a life no girl has EVER experienced. But why? That's the question of the day.
92 reads 22 readers 6