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Can we get rid of haters?!
*Sigh* treelover, BobbyTheMob, jayswaggs, and more. Can we please just drive them out? If any one of them post on this, I'm not going to delete it. I'm going to sit here and laugh at their idiocy. Anyways, what I wanted to say...
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What are your thoughts on Justin Beiber?
So, I wanted to know who else hates Justin Beiber, and why does he have so many fans? I mean, I seriously don't understand. So, what do you think of him? I WANT TO KNOW. =^O.O^=
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What is your favorite anime? (1)
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It has come to this...
Oook so it's time to tell the truth: Some of you may know I have a disorder, General Anxiety Disorder. It was self-diagnosed at first as an explanation for some past events. It was worst in 7th grade but I got over it in 8th gr...
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Do you think swear words are necessary?
This question has bothered me since the age of 7. What do you think?
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How Long Have You Been On Qfeast? (3)
I'm almost to a year! Woohoo! You?
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Has anyone else read 'The Night Circus'?
This is my favourite book ever. It's by Erin Morgernstern. It is sophisticated and well written, using elegant language and imagery to paint the story of a woman named... Celia Bowen. Anyway if you haven't read it and you like ...
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Who is your favorite Doctor Who companion?
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What's the first anime you watched?
Mine is Pokémon
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What do you do with your notifications?
Do you delete them all after you get them or keep them? I personally delete them which I find easier to manage but I wanted to know if I was just weird or if other people deleted theirs.
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Minecraft Halloween!
JeweledOwl812 and I (Ravenclaw3243) are hosting a Halloween event on MINECRAFT! It is on the server: Go to JeweledOwl812's plot for the Trick-or-Treat Trail, and my plot for the Cafe-of-Doom. It's an hour lon...
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If you were in the hunger games what would your weapon be?
Would it be a bow like Katniss? A rock like thresh? A spear like marvel? Throwing knifes like Clove? A trident like Finnick? A axe like Johanna and more! Be creative!!!
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fav singer
can be anyone from any time just has to be you fav.
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Are ANY Of You Shocked Of The Ebola Virus?
The Ebola Virus Is Spreading Rapidly! Do Any Of You Have Any Final Wishes Or Concerns? Here Is More Info About Ebola:
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A genie gave you three wishes. What are they?
I would wish for: 1. World peace 2. No hunters/lumberjacks or anything 3. Cottage in Scotland with my family and an easel+paints
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Do you always follow back people who follow you?
What was the first word spoken?
Interviews for the Qfeast Gazette
If you want to be interviewed,just ask on here and i'll interview you right away!
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What do you use for your internet/browser?
I use Google Chrome
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