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Your Expecto Patronum Moment Is...?
"Expecto Patronum" is the Harry Potter spell that conjures a Patronus, which is cast by saying the spell, as well as thinking of your happiest moment. Basically, what is the happiest moment in your life? >3<
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Happy Holidays! What Did You Get in 2014?
Do you celebrate Christmas? Or Chanukah? Or did your relatives just get you presents? Well, whatever the case, what did you get?
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Stop Arguing| A Message/Rant to Everyone
Look. If you guys haven't noticed, fights have been breaking out on Qfeast lately for NO FUDGING REASON. Stupid, stupid reasons. Just STOP! Jeez! Everyone part of these things are being immature and Qfeasters are loosing friend...
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My Followers :3
Finally, after months of choosing, I've decided what to call my followers! They are... . . . . . . . . . . Owlets! Thank you all my Owlets, for getting me to 700+! Have a waffle everyone! ~(^^)~# What do you think of it? >3<...
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What Gernres of Music Do You Enjoy?
Dubstep? Pop? Rock? Heavy Metal? Rap? Bubblegum Pop? Classical? Jazz? Hip-Hop? Electro? The possibilities are endless!
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Any Recommended Minecraft Servers?
For all the Minecrafters out there, do you have any servers (Creative, Survival, Minigame, etc.) that you reccomend? Please include the server type, ip, and of course the server name!
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What is Your Fatal Flaw?
Everyone has one; the ultimate flaw that they heave that may lead to their death. What's yours? Do you have hubris like Annabeth? Or maybe you're TOO loyal, like Percy.
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What are you going to be for Halloween?
What're you gonna go as? The possibilities are endless? A fairy maybe? Or princess? Or princess?! XD
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Jewel and Raven's Halloween Extravaganza
JeweledOwl812 and Ravenclaw3243 are hosting a Halloween event on MINECRAFT! It is on the server Build Freeks! The Ip is: Go to JeweledOwl812's plot for the Trick-or-Treat Trail, and my plot for the Café-of-Do...
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What's Your Favorite Candy?
That time of year has come around: Halloween! And the question remains...what is your favorite candy? Could it be fancy Dove chocolate? Or chewy, colorful Skittles? The possibilities are endless!
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Wattpad? ~(^^)~
Is Wattpad a good site? Is it worth it? Can you give me a quite your/synopsis of the site too? Also, if you have a Wattpad, what's your account name? Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
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Favorite School Subject(s)
Back to school is coming up soon, so which class(es) are you most looking forward too? Math? English? Civics? Your elective?
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Riddle Me This
Can you solve these SUPER HARD riddles? If you can, I'll follow you! Good luck! 1. This old one runs forever, but never moves at all. He has not lungs nor throat, but still a mighty roaring call. What is it? 2. I am not alive...
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What Books Do You Recomend?
What books do you recommend that aren't THAT popular? (like not Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Divergent, Hunger Games, etc.)
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What Are Your Top Five Travel Must-Go's?
What are the top five places you want to go before you die? They don't have to be in order
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Who is Your Favorite Youtuber?
Who is/are your favorite Youtubers(s)?
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What Is Your Favorite Minecraft Mob?
What is your favorite Minecraft mob (hostile, passive, and/or tame).
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What Should I Call My Followers? (Please Help!)
I've recently reached 100 followers! *Goes into closet* *Squeals* I really would like a name for my followers, but I've got nothing! Please help! :D
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What is Your Favorite Movie? (2)
What is your favorite movie? Mine are Frozen, Harry Potter Movies, and Epic. I haven't watched TFIOS, Divergent, or Hunger Games though. :(
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What Are Your Fandoms?
So...which book fandom(s) are you part of?
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