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A Complete List of Alt Codes
Hello Everyone! I have put together a list of Alt-code symbols. Alt-code symbols are symbols made with the "alt" button and a code that is typed in using the numerical keypad (the num lock one). For example. . .Alt+1=☺ Enjoy!
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Fandom Christmas Carols
Have a holly, jolly holiday Christmas... Share the Christmas spirit with these fandom themed Christmas carols!
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Short Stories
I've decidied to put together a collection of short stories, so here it is! Read it, and I hope you enjoy!
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Pollution Essay
Pollution is becoming a huge problem in Earth, and even in space. Because of this, I decided to write an essay informing Qfeasters about the dangers of pollution and how it can be solved. ... Author's Note: I know this isn't th...
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300's The Charm
300 Followers? THANK YOU to everyone who followed me. This story is dedicated to ALL my followers, but there a special few that I need to give shout-outs to. Read on... :)
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In a corrupt land called Quiara, everything it's citizens do is closely monitored and freedom is all but absent. It will take the courage of a small (but growing) group of rebels called the 46 (the meaning of life) to save Quia...
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Weird but True
All sorts of facts and tidbits I bet you didn't know! WARNING: May be slightly disgusting.
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A Week In the Life
Dive into a normal week for six eighth graders. Actually, I lied. Nothing about this week is normal, because Friday is the 8th grade dance! Peek into the perspectives of Avery, Emma, Lexi, Aaron, Cliff, and Ian!
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Day of the Dog
Cassidy has just lost her mom, and is really, really hurting. On November 7th, her Dad and her visit Cassidy's mom at the graveyard. Later, when she's walking around the forest behind he house, she hears the wounded cry of an a...
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