Bad Apple

Bad Apple

It all changed when I saw not one, but two letters on my desk at school. I was swept off into a world of shades, I danced between the tribes, and saw that there was light in the dark, and darkness in the light.

published on January 29, 201426 reads 11 readers 5 not completed
Chapter 1.

Ever on and on...

I closed my eyes, and evrything began to spin. I clenched my teeth and put my hands into fists.
"It's just a test, just a test." I said to myself. I opened my eyes and found myself standing in darkness. Suddenly, small pinpoints of light appeared.
"Choose one." I calm, clear voice echoed through the nothingness. Tentativly, I took a step forward. Then another. Then another. I began to walk slowly throughout the room of stars.
"Choose one? But how?" I asked, but no one answered. Confused, I looked at a star. It was strange, different than the others. Instead of being pure white, it had a small spot of black in it. The black spot began to grow and the star began to spin, until it became a grey sillouegthe of a bird. It flapped it's wings but did not move.
"Choose one." The voice rang out again. Soon, all of the stars became birds, but only one of them was grey. The grey one was small, with scraggly wings. I soon saw other people walking around. Other test takers. I saw them choose the largest, or the brightest, or the whitest star.
I looked back at the small grey siloueght. I slowly reached out to it, and the bird struggled even more towards me. I closed my eyes and quikly reached out and grabbed it, severing the string keeping it stuck to the wall of darkness. I opened my eyes to see the bird sititng in my hand. It's dull grey color turned to a bright, almost silver color. It had one black and one white eye. I lifted my hand and the bird jumped into the air and raised it's wings. It changed from the shape and size of a small songbird to the large wings and slim body of an owl. It flew around in the air, cherishing it's freedom.
Then I passed out.
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Comments (5)

on October 22, 2014
make more chapter! I like it!
on February 02, 2014
Nice. You should continue!!!
on February 01, 2014
i like this
on January 30, 2014
I used lyrics from the song to make the story. It's a weird mixture.
on January 29, 2014