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Longshadow's curse
A new kit is born in Mountainclan, but he is cursed! Will the clan fall? And can he ever rid himself of his horrid destiny?
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Wings of the Darkest Ocean
This is a fanfiction off of the wonderful series, Wings of Fire! Follow the journey of a SeaWing-NightWing hybrid while she tries to discover her family and figure out what the h*ll she is. All credits to Tui T. Sutherland for ...
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The Fire Within Us
A FanFic off of the amazing story, The Fire Within. Please read this amazing book, it is by Chris D'Lacey. Credit to owner for the story image, and to Chris D'Lacey for making this amazing story, The Fire Within.
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Bad Apple
It all changed when I saw not one, but two letters on my desk at school. I was swept off into a world of shades, I danced between the tribes, and saw that there was light in the dark, and darkness in the light.
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The Story Of The Owl Protecter
I am the owl protecter. It is my duty to protect all owl of the world. I was born with the Fire Eyes, which can burn through all evil. I was not like this before though...
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Random Story I Have To Write
Blah Blah Blah I have to write a story for school so hay, u guys can read it too! LALALAL!
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Scootaloos life!
So yeah, this is a random story I'm working on, and It's about me! :D SWAG.
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