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Olny srmat poelpe can raed tihs
If you can read this pass it on , its so cool and I spell stuff wrong because your brain can switch it around with out you think about it .
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Spike's teenage life
here you go spike! a story about your teenage life! enjoy! this story will be all about spikes teenage life!
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Something You Dont Know About Me
this is a true story about me. Its a weird true story. im bored D: enjoy! :D
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creepy pasta shiz
full of different creepy pasta stories. some do not belong to me. the ones that do I will put a note if it belongs to me.
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Lover Or Murderer? (final part)
This story is about a girl named Aron who moved to a new town and doesn't know anyone but her crush/friend Jeffry, but jeff has some things from his past that might not let him.. open up to Aron
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Pony pals
Hi all, this is my 1st story, plz comment what you thought. I don't care how bad you criticise me it will all help with my next book... Enjoy. P.s. this is my fan made story, it is not MLP. P.p.s. the pictures aren't any of m...
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this is my description of the story ate boo when lol this road hoood woop
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This is just a short story. I don't think it's really a story, but just read it, you'll be glad you did.
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Wishing on stars
This is a story I created, and I just wanted to write it and see how people like it, enjoy!
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Standing In The Rain
Mystery, Romance, And Adventure!! ~~ This is about a girl in 10th grade, who is constantly being out shined by her sister, who is accepted into a secret organization-MUTTS (Mis Understood Teens Transaction System) Hope you love...
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Smiley Breeds
Not exactly a story, I just REALLY wanted to do this!! ENJOY!!! :) :) Falalala!!!
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