Wings of the Darkest Ocean

Wings of the Darkest Ocean

This is a fanfiction off of the wonderful series, Wings of Fire! Follow the journey of a SeaWing-NightWing hybrid while she tries to discover her family and figure out what the h*ll she is. All credits to Tui T. Sutherland for the series, and to the artist of the cover picture. Enjoy!

published on August 22, 201410 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


“Is this it?” A large SkyWing asked with a growl, looking at the ceiling of the cave.
        The SandWing glared at her. “You’re saying it’s not good enough, Ivory?” The poisonous tip of her tail lifted up.
        Ivory shook her head, rattling her copper scales. “Well, I don’t know, what will Frost think? They might be able to find it” She said quickly.
        The SandWing turned around, brushing Ivory’s wings with hers. “It’ll be fine. Come on.” The two dragons squirmed out of a small opening into the bright sunshine. Heat-baked dirt crunched in between their claws as they took to the air, until they were just a small red and yellow dot in the sky.
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