Weather in Canada (Hetalia Fanfiction)

Weather in Canada (Hetalia Fanfiction)

This is a story about how the allies and the powers can manage to get along for several weeks of being stuck together in a cabin out in the Canadian wilderness. Read on to see how they manage to not kill each other in the process.

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Chapter 1: Into the wild

Chapter 1: Into the wild

        "Italy...shut up." Growled an obviously irritated German voice as the three of them drove through the unfamiliar territory while Italy sang. A cheerful tune about pasta, not seeming to really mind that they were lost in the middle of no where. Japan was sitting quietly in the back seat, keeping to himself as always as he listened to Italy's voice as well as hearing Germany complaining about it.
        "Germany~" Italy called in a sing song voice as he looked in the German's direction although he didn't have his eyes open. "Are we almost there yet?" He asked with a clueless smile, not even realizing that Germany had no idea where they were going. Germany just answered him with an annoyed look as he continued driving through the snow, being too stubborn to ask anyone for directions to their destination since he had to be in control of the situation, and his stubborn pride would let him pull over.
                                                                                                        ~In the meantime~
        "Shut up, bloody wanker!" Yelled then British gent, his hands wrapped around the Frenchman's throat as he angrily strangled him for something that no one else had noticed. America was so annoyed with their behavior at this point that he was tuning it out all together. They two men were both sitting in the back seat together, which was probably the first mistake the group of men had made. The American had China at his side, whom of which was equally of not more annoyed with the two childish men.
        "Could you two shut up already?!" America yelled since he was in a very bad mood, according to the fact that he had no idea where the hell they were going but there was no way he was going to pull over and ask someone. He couldn't believe that he'd actually agreed to do this, he didn't even remember who had dared them to do this anyways. At the last world meeting, his group of Allies had all gotten into a "friendly dispute" with the Axis Powers. At that point some dunkoff proposed that they worked out their differences in a less violent way, and that lead to all of them being dared to spend 3 nights together in the same house, just to see if they could manage to not kill each other for that long. So now they were heading to some remote building off in the wilderness of Canada so they could stay together for the three days, just so they could all keep their pride.
        "This frog started it!" Yelled the British man, his hands still on France's throat while China was also telling them to grow up and knock it off, of course the two grown men continued acting like children the whole rest of the car ride. They continued to fight and yell at each other, and it didn't seem to matter how much Tylenol America took, the headache was there to stay.
                                                                                                      ~Small timeskip~
        Canada watched as the cars of the countries finally pulled into the snowy driveway, glad that they had all finally made it but he was surprised that it had taken them so long. He saw that three cars pulled in, one holding Japan, Italy and Germany, one with Romano and Spain in it, and the last one held America, China, England, and France. He furrowed his brow, but then where in God's name was Russia? His question was answered as he looked up into the sky, seeing something falling from an airplane.
        "Vodkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Yelled Russia as he fell through the clouds towards the house below, not being afraid of course although he had a parachute since he'd learned from last time that it wasn't a good idea to jump without on. He opened it and sailed down to the snowy drifts below, getting buried in a particularly large one due to the impact of falling. He stood and dusted himself off, wearing his ever so common creepy grin as he took his parachute off.
        Canada sighed softly, emitting a giggle with a small sigh at the Russian's extravagant entrance. He watched as everyone got out of their vehicles, all of them looking at each other hatefully since they WERE enemies. He walked off the porch now, holding his polar bear as he went to greet the others, of course no one even looked at him though. "Hello everyone!" He exclaimed softly but cheerfully as he tried to get the attention of the other men but they just seemed confused as they looked around for the source of the sound. "It's me, Canada." He stated, and then the others seemed to finally notice his presence. "Welcome to my country, I hope you'll all enjoy your stay here." He murmured softly, feeling nervous now that everyone was actually looking at him. He cast his eyes to the ground and walked back up to the front door, waiting for everyone to gather their things and come inside.
        Germany sighed as he walked around to the back of the car to get the beer and the suitcases from the trunk. He opened it only to jump slightly at the sight of his brother laying there, drinking a beer lazily although the other man cringed at the light. "Prussia?! What the hell are you doing here?" He asked, being angry and confused as he saw the fact that he'd drank almost all of his beer and was drunk now.
        "I was bored and I wanted to come so the awesome me got into the trunk, and I found this beer so..." He grinned cheekily, as if he had done nothing wrong as he took another drink from the beer. Germany just irritably grabbed his bags and walked up to the porch with everyone else, honestly not caring if his brother got out of the trunk or not since he was angry with him. He forced himself not to shiver at the cold, watching as snowflakes lazily floated on the air in front of him before he walked inside, following the Canadian boy now as they were allowed inside.
        "I figured I would let you guys pick your own rooms, first come first serve." He stated once everyone was inside and the door was closed. "You'll all have to scare a room, so...I guess you should all hurry and pick since you wouldn't want to get stuck with someone you dislike." He stated, and before he had even finished his sentence all the countries were storming through the house, rushing to get a room. Canada just went to the fireplace to get a fire going, listening to the sounds of yelling and running, which made it sound like the house was falling apart.
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