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Witch character from Percy Jackson are you? ( only the main 7 )
Fire, Water, Earth or Air?
Can you answer all of these and get the good ending or the bad?
What is your 'dere' type?
Which emoji are you? (2)
would you date me?;)
What Rare Animatronic Are You?
Which Planet do you belong to?
Who are you quiz?
what spirit animal are you? (1)
Where will you be in 20 years? (1)
Which MLP Character are you? (5)
Which slender brother would fancy you?
How kawii are you?
Dantdm Mega Quiz
Are You A Fan of TheDiamondMinecart // DanTDM?
What member of Team RWBY are you?
What Eevee are you? (1)
Apocaliptico o Integrado
Ultimate <<Which templar are you?>>Assassin's Creed quiz 2015
Are you the guy? (Just a random quiz boys only)
What should be on your holiday wish list this year?
Ultimate <<Which assassin are you?>> Assassin's Creed quiz 2015
the fluffle puff quiz ( scored)
The Fluffle Puff quiz!
A little skateboarding quiz.
Who knows me best! ?
What's Your Type? (1)
Does your crush like you? (8)
Should you ask your crush out?
What Element Are You? (18)
How well do you know DanTDM?
Which fnaf character are you (2)?
Ultimate quiz on Ezio - Assassin's Creed quiz
Which Disney Princess/Heroine are You?
Who are you at School?
minecraft quiz!
Does your crush like you back? (4)
Does Alois Trancy like you?
The library loin
how kawaii are you?
FNAF Foxy Quiz
What's your opinion on FNAF series (I'm not so good at quizs)
Who created FNAF?
how much do you know about Harry Potter? (6)
Cute or Beutiful
Would you be my friend? (2)
What emoji describes you the most right now?
Are you a true FNAF fan?
What Crystal Gem are you from Steven Universe?
What FNAF character are you? (3)
What Pokemon are you? (5)
Which Oreo are you?
Are you girly or boy-ish?
Can you survive being my friend?
What rabbit is that?
Who is your creepypasta girlfriend?
How much do you know minecraft?
would i like you (1)
Who are you in Girl meets World?
dantdm do you know the same as me
What word is missing from the song line?
Are you a demi-god?
Would senpaii date you?
What's your creature?
Which Emoji are You? (1)
Are you Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez?
Are you truly American?
Would you agree?
have you got a lover?
Which lip gloss flavor are you?
Leaders of Kpop groups quiz!
Which Member of my Family Are You?
Do you know much about surfing?
Do you know your random trivia?
What gun are you?
Am I sick (Fever and cold an etc)
What Discrute are you?
How well do you know horses?
What My little pony princess are you? (2)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel- Quiz
What nerf gun should you get?
What Warriors Cat Are You?
Pokemon Questions.
The Cristiano Ronaldo Quiz
The Love Test
are you black,white,or grey?
Which piece of jewelry suits you?
25 Vocabulary Words
What's your true you?
The Lionel Messi Quiz
Are you smart or dumb test?
how well do you know Taylor swift? (3)
How well do you know Steven Universe?
What material are you?
How well do you know Toast?
Are you smart? (8)
What marshmallow are you?
Can I make you laugh (2)
How Well Do You Know Fluffle Puff?