which SQUADOS member is your soulmate?

take this quiz to find out which member from SQUADOS is your soulmate 😉😉

published on November 08, 20179 responses 0

what is your soulmates best feature?

their humor
their likability
their iconicness
their popularity
their myseriousness
their ego
their extraness
their kindness
their supportiveness
their litness 😩

what is your soulmates catchphrase?

did that
i’m so

what is your soulmates fav emoji?

they don’t use emojis

what do you like most about your soulmate?

how they make me laugh
how i can never get enough of them
how they’re always straight up with me
how they are always chill
how i never know what’s on their mind
how they’re not afraid to play dirty
how they are extra and dramatic
how they pretend to be innocent
how they are always there for me
how they are always down to party

finally, what wil be your first date with your soulmate?

going to a carnival or haunted house
going out to eat
going to a wrestling match
binge watching your fave shows
let them decide and surprise you
go to see a musical
go to a concert
doesn’t matter to me
go to a sports game
go to a party