Which The Sound and the Fury character are you?

Which character from The Sound and the Fury are you? FIND OUT NOW! Fun!

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How do you react when faced with a problem or conflict?

Don't care
Try not to think about it
Blame it on someone
Try to fix it

Which is most important to you?


What makes you happy?

Everything going as it should be, according to plan and moral standards.
Everyone being kind and fair to one another.
Being loved and understood.
Having the freedom to make your own choices.
Being able to do whatever you want with no obligations or restrictions holding you back.

What makes you upset?

People interfering with your plans.
People being mean to you.
Societal prejudice and judgement.
Finding out your life is a lie.
Watching people fight.

What is usually your role in the family, friend group, or community?

Moody existential-crisis-haver
Let's have fun! YOLO
Ticking time bomb

How would you describe your life?

Hopeless - my life is a mess.
Just taking things one day at a time and managing as well as I can.
I'm waiting for something better.
I miss my mom.
I'm on an adventure - there are highs and there are lows.

How would your friends describe you?

Responsible and supportive
Emotional and sensitive
Blunt and opinionated
Pensive and introverted
Exciting and friendly

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

A bear, so I could show people who's boss.
A human, because we're the smartest and I like being able to do stuff.
An albatross, so I could fly free and never land.
A monkey, so I could climb around and hear people's secrets. And be cute.
A puppy, so people would hug me and take care of me.