lunar chronicles character quiz

what character are you from the lunar chronicles well this acurate quiz can tell you exactly who. girl and boy characters main, and not so main.

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who are you in the group?

I control them all
the leader
the tag along
the smart one
the tough one
the fighter
the back and forth one
the fun one
the creative one
the humorous one
the one who keeps everyone alive
snobby one
the one with a sense of fashion

your worst enimy tries to join your group what do you do?

I will sentence them to death because I am ruler of everone
I say no unless they will die if i don't then I just dont speak to them
I wouldnt do anything because Im not in charge and I am to shy to tell anyone
I would say no and threaten to shoot them
of course anyone can come let me just ask someone
sure I guess but dont be annoying
no no no mom call the cops
sorry ships full with girls who love me to much to leave me alone
no sorry hears another group that might let you in
I cant do much im not in charge but I will let my leader know my opinion
say yes and then ignore them and shoot them dirty looks every five seconds
no go somewhere else and get hit by a car
you need a makeover, come inside then make them ugly

your weapon

stab them with a knife
wrestle them
shoot them
use a bow or my gift
run or punch them in the face then cry
smash them in them in the head or run them over
make them love me or summon my gaurds
flirt and then betray
I wont fight them but i will help with the startagies
anything that will kill them even strangle them with my bear hands
i cant really die so help my friends and use a sword

what side are you on

I stay in the middle

girl or boy


what book genre

ghost stories
graffic novle