Your FNaF big brother!

Your FNaF big brother!

Me: hey! This is my first quiz here so feel free to hate. This is a gender neutral I have no right to judge!

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Me: Meet the gang 'n' me

Freddy: Hello.

Goldie: *waves his hand*

Bonnie: Hey there! *smiles*

Foxy: Ahoy There,Lassie/Laddie!

Me: sorry that Chica cannot come,she needed to stock up on pizza supplies!

You: *waves your hand and nods*

Me: ... you're quite quiet
You: HI!!!

Me: Gah! Not another Bonnie.

Bonnie: ;-;
You: Ahoy! *salutes*

Foxy: *salutes back*

Me: *sips tea* We

Bonnie: What instrument would/do you play?

Me: *throws my now empty cup of tea at bonnie* NO INTERRUPTIONS!!!

You: Drums!

Me: I like you! Platonically.
You: Guitar! Any kind really!

Bonnie: *impressed*
You: I s-sing...

All: They spoke!!

Foxy: What be ye favourite colour? *unssheaths sword*

All but foxy: O-0

You: G-Gold...

Goldie: *perks up*
You: Purple!!!

Bonnie: yeah!!
You: Red! Also,Foxy,Is your sword real?

Foxy: yes,'tis real.


You: Dancing/Singing!
Jamming out to tunes!!!


Good day!