24 hours with Offenderman!

Hey guys welcome to your nightmare with my buddy here Offenderman! Offender: *smiles and waves* Me: Offender has a chain on and he is SITTING LIKE A GOOD BOY! Offender: *sits* sheesh.. Me: -_- anyway.. hope you have fun! *voice crack*

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You wake up in a cell and wonder how you got here. You thought of everything you had done starting with that fight with your parents. You run out and ran down the street. After that you blacked out and ended up here. You looked around and heard a voice saying "Hello doll." You...?

*in mind* 'WHO DA FREAK IS DAT!?'
Offender: *grins* Don't be scared. But do be at the same time!
H-Hello? *looks around* W-Who are you?
Offender: Your dream guy. ;) dear!
Offender: so rude dear. You need to learn manners.

He turns on the light and you see its offender man and you start to calm down. You thought 'Oh its him! Its ok.. i guess.' he smiles and tries to walk up to you but a china is keeping him from. He groans in pain and looks at you Offender: would you help a friend out?

O-Ok but you have to promise to free me then and not try anything!
Offender: Of course dear! You have my word!
No. I rather save my self thank you very much.
Offender: That will be to late dear *chain snaps and walks towards you angerly*
Sure! I can't stand seeing you in pain! Let me see you leg friend.
Offender: Thank you dear friend. You are so kind.

You free him and he free's. He does nothing to you like he promised and you smile at him. You find yourself sitting next to him and you both chat for a while. He asks you so many things. You ask him stuff to. There was one question and slipped out of your mouth that made you blush. You asked...?

Are you single? *covers mouth and blush*
Offender: yes I am dear. Thank you for asking
Do you not like to where shirts?
Offender: I will not tell you ma'am. That's for me to know and not you or anyone else!
Do you give out roses?
Offender: Of course I do! I love to give them to my friends *shows a purple one*

You started to get tired and you yawned and then looked away to hide that you where tired. Offender looked at you and smiled "your tired" He asks? You look at him and then look down and sigh. You finally say...?

I'm very tired. I hadn't slept for 23 hours!
Offender: You can sleep I don't mind!
You nod you head yes and lay you head on his lap he jumps a little at that and then smiles and pets your head. He falls asleep as well.
No i'm not. I'm never tired!
Offender: mhm -_-

You and him left to go home but he took you the other way. You thought it was the right way until you say his mansion. It was a two floor mansion. Offender: Do you like my home? It took a long time to build. But I built it! How do you react?

Wow. I-Its amazing! I love it!
Offender: Thanks Y/N.
Its horrible! It looks old! You live here by your self! HAHA! Your a creep!
Offender: *growls*
Its cool
Offender: thanks