Are you a witch? (1)

Are you a witch? (1)

This quiz will tell you if you have the ability to do magic or not :) Have fun on the quiz!

published on November 06, 201734 responses 4 4.4★ / 5

Are you interested in magic in the first place?

Yes, magic is amazing!
No, it doesn't really interest me
Kinda, I guess

Do witches fly on broomsticks or do they take the bus like everyone else?

Broomsticks can't physically fly, so they take the bus.
They fly on broomsticks :D

Can kids do magic?

No, too dangerous.
Of course!

What animal does a witch keep as a pet?

A black cat!
Anything they want!

Do you make weird things 'happen' when you're around?

Yes, it's so weird!
Only people saying hello, and normal stuff like that

How do witches learn magic?

They go to Hogwarts and get sorted
They either take classes or learn by themselves