Can you get with with yuuki?

Hi this is my friend Yuuki not from vampire knight.. she is from one of my drawing that I make... She is an emo girl. Say hi Yuuki! Yuuki: hey.. -_- why are they doing this again? Me: cause you need a bf! (guys only!)

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Yuuki would you like to ask this? Yuuki: fine.. *shows sword* favorite color?

red like the blood of my enemies!
Yuuki: *blush and whispers* where have you been all my life?
I like gween... im a baby! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Yuuki: -_- leave.. now.. *grabs sword*
Black it looks pretty.
Yuuki: I know right!!

Ok my turn to ask! Yuuki: ok what ever. Me: What type of demon do you want to be?

Yuuki: 0_- interesting..
Me: *whispers* she never opens her eyes..
fire! I wanna burn people!
Yuuki: -_- *walks away*
none I'm fine with being human!
Me and Yuuki: GET OUT!! -_-

Yuuki: *smiles a lil* What do you like to do for fun?

Kiss your face *wink*
Yuuki: 0_0 w-what??
Playing demon video games.
Yuuki: -_- i dont get it..
Yuuki: nothing? -_-
Me: nothing... -_-

Yuuki: Do you like to hug people?

Yes *opens arms*
Yuuki: -_- i dont
Not really but sometimes I do
Yuuki: awesome!!
No can I leave now?
Yuuki: *shows sword*
Me: 0_0 run!

here is the last one! sorry for it being short! Do you like to listen to horror music?

Me: aww
Yes *listens to "this is halloween"*
Yuuki: wow
Me: *walks away*
Yuuki: -_- leave now!!
Me: -_- ....