24 hours with Mangle, Can you survive?

Hey guys can you survive 24 hours with mangle? I wonder if you will live or die! Well there is only one way to fine out and that's here! In 3...2...1...NOW!

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You wake up in a office and wonder how you got there. The phone rings and you answer it, the phone talked for about an hour and you seen a timer for 23 hours. "23 hours?" you sat and thought what it could mean. You....?

'is it a bomb? Is this place going to explode?'
Mangle: *static sound of radio*
Sit and do nothing 'well that must mean I have 23 hours left until work it over'
Mangle: *radio scream sound down the hall*
*play with camera* "Maybe I gotta find something? That's broken and pretty."
Mangle: *blushes*

You hear a noise of a radio and you look around you see a robot fox on the ceiling and think 'what in the world?' You sit there for a while as the noise continues. Then the noise stopped. 'Is it not on?' you thought. You...?

*walk up to it and look for an on button* there must be one..
Mangle: *looks at you* H-Hi there!
*Put fazbear head on and goes back to looking at the camera* nothing to see here just a stupid robot..
Mangle: *narrows eyes and growls*
*looks at it then smiles* Mangle!!
Mangle: *waves* H-Hi Y/N nice to m-m-meet you!

Mangle: *activates and looks at you* H-Hi there! Whats you name? I'm m-m-mangle!

I-its Y/N..
Mangle: are you broke to?
Its Y/N nice to meet you!
Mangle: aww your a kind one.
Its Y/N now leave!!
Mangle: *jump scare* rude!

You guys sat there for 7 hours talking and before you knew the 24 hours where over. You smiled and said that it was time for you to go home but you seen that she was upset you asked...?

Do you wanna come with me and live with me?
Mangle: R-Really? *smiles*
You pat her back wondering if it was and smile saying "I'll come back tomorrow"
Mangle: oh.. ok *sighs*
*grabs her and starts walking* Your coming home with me wither you like it are not!
Mangle: WHAT!? *growls and jump scare*

Rp over-
Sorry it was so short but its my first time.

bye bye!