which ROHS freshman is your soulmate? ( FIXED )

take this quiz to find out who you belong with! if you get yourself, just try to answer differently!

published on November 17, 20174 responses 0

what do you look for in someone?

they have to make me laugh
they have to be unique
they have to be fun
they have to be smart
they have to be athletic
they have to be sweet
they have to be hot
they have to be honest

how would you want your soulmate to respond if you said something funny?

what is that?
*laughing emojis*
im dead

if you had to choose one flaw for your soulmate, what would it be?

they're too defensive
they're too weird
they're too sensitive
they're too insensitive
they're too dry
they're too nice
they're too high
they're too honest

where do you wanna go on a first date?

haunted house or carnival
to the movies
to a sports game
to a museum tour
let the other person decide
romantic picnic
out to eat
whatever, as long as its
what i want to do

finally, what would be something your soulmate would say a lot?

"the new FOTLD episode
was AMAZING!!"
"yup, i love my life!"
"michigan is gonna win, we
already know."
"please stop talking."
"um yeah i guess???"
"you did so good!!"
"rip tommy im safe biotch"
"i dont care."