what would Spring trap think of you?

Me: Spring trap will ask you some things,and you will answer. Spring trap:hello!

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Spring trap: If you needed to hide,where would you go?

In a closet. Spring trap: Really?That's dumb. Me:Shut up!Let them do what they want!
In a place with lots of knifes! Spring trap: We could kill you faster... Me:Yea....bad place to hide.
In a suit. Spring trap and me: YES!

Me: Can I ask them something? Spring trap: Sure. Me: Thanks!Don't kill me,but what is your favorite color?

blue. Spring trap: Okey
red. Me: like blood? Spring trap: that's a good color!
pink. Me and Spring trap: DIE!
purple. Me:I love the color purple! Spring trap: I was the purple guy,so I also like the color
green. *Spring trap blushes* Me:Ha! Spring trap: Stop laughing or it'll be your last! Me: Okay

Spring trap: Do you like Mike? Me: Mike is funny!I'm going to call him over! Spring trap: NO!Mike can't make not one good joke! Me: Do you think we should call Mike?Yes or no?

NO! Spring trap:Okay.That has it,no Mike. Me:YOUR DEAD TO ME!!!!
I don't care. Spring trap:Is that a no? Me:They just said that they don't care,that's a yes and no.
Yes!Mike is soooo funny! Spring trap:Don't you tell me that you think that Mike is funny? Me:I'll call Mike.Oh,he can't come. Spring trap:YES!

Spring trap: What's your favorite food? Me:Really?You had to ask that.

Blood. Spring trap:I can't move.... Me:Stay back!I have a knife and I know how to use it!
I don't eat. Spring trap:... Me: How are you alive!?
I eat souls. Me:Run everyone!We have a soul eater! Spring trap: That's funny!

Me: Sorry,but we need to leave for now. Spring trap: All ready?But~ Me:Can't talk!

I hate you all and I'll eat your souls for dinner!