Your Study Style

Your Study Style

Find out with study style will best serve you best at university with this quick and easy to answer quiz!

published on December 04, 20172 responses 0

You come across a difficult question that you don't think you've covered the topic of in your lectures. Do you...

Check back through all of your notes to see if you've missed the topic out during your revision
Put a star by the question so you can come back to the topic another day
Leave the question and ask your friend what they're revising to see if you can quiz them about that

It's getting close to exam day and you've still got three more chapters to get through. You don't feel like you know the first three before these well enough and are starting to stress. You would...

Decide to risk not revising the last three and go over the first three in the hope that they'll come up in
the exam instead
Create a list of the topics you are yet to cover and try to assign them to days which you will revise
them on
Ask an intelligent friend to give you a crash course on the three you haven't look at yet

It's half way through the spring term and you aren't feeling very satisfied with your assignment grades in one of your modules so far and are worried that you don't know the course well enough to raise this score with the exam. You decide to...

Review your assignments and identify where you went wrong. In doing so you look for the areas of
knowledge which were weakest and then decide to focus on these before the exam.
Give up with revising and find a friend to express your worries to.
Arrange a meeting with your personal tutor and try to construct a list of the topics which you need to
focus on the most before the exam.

It's the week before your first summer exam and you realise there's one module you've done hardly any revision for compared to the others. You...

Decide to ignore the module and hope for the best in the exam by relying on the knowledge you
gained from lectures.
Create a new timetable, rearranging study slots for there is more focus on the weaker module.
Post in the course facebook chat and see if anyone will give you their revision notes so you don't have
to waste time making them yourself.

You complete a mock exam with your seminar group in the summer revision session and find you can't answer half of the exam. You decide to...

Ask for a copy of the correct answers and learn these a couple of days before the exam in case the
same questions come up.
Complain to a peer student that the lecturer is really rubbish and that you've clearly learnt nothing
from them.
Use this practise as a learning curve and decide to revise the topic again and re-do the mock exam
when you have done so.