E-Quiz Week 2

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published on November 12, 20171 response 0

May Queen, Wisley crap, Foxwhelps, Lane's Prince Albert, Lady, Mutsu,Liberty, Snapdragon ( not an Exhaustive list). These all are kind of something. What is referred here? (Use correct spelling and exact one word answer)

Name of the only Footballer to have played for Liverpool , Everton, Manchester City and Manchester United is X. His Nick name was also so funny. His generally hunchbacked exterior earned him the nick name 'Y',after the fictional character in the novel and film 'Norte Dame De Paris'. ID X? (Mention full name with correct spelling)

X was an American Actress.She was a leading lady in Hollywood for more than 60 years. She received 4 Academy Awards- record for Best Actress. She also won 2 BAFTA film awards.She also nominated for a total of 12 Academy Awards for Best Actress . American film Institute named her as the " Greatest Female Star of Classic Hollywood film". Id X? (Mention full name with correct spelling)

(a) The old Guitarist(1903), (b)Marie- There's(1937) (c) Dora Maar Au Chat(1941). (d) Le Reve(1932). (e)As Sleep (1932) . (f)Three Musicians (1921).....(not Exhaustive). These are paintings of which artist? (Mention full name with correct spelling)

"X"(1885-1972) was a pioneer of the women's "labour" movement in India. She founded the Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association, India's oldest Union of Textile work ,in 1920. X is called Motaben, meaning " Elder sister" in Gujrati language. Recently Google has celebrated 132th birthday of X. ID X? (Mention full name with correct spelling)