What is your perfect weapon?

what weapon is perfect for you? You'll know after this quiz! Have fun.

published on November 30, 201712 responses 1 4.5★ / 5

If someone kills someone you love you...

Take immediate REVENGE by killing them
Make it you mission to take revenge because hunting and killing are fun!
Find out why they killed them then take them to jail.
fight for justice for all that have had a family member killed

You are told that if you kill an perfectly innocent man you will get 100,000$! what do you do?

You tell them no that life is more important then all the money in the world
you say ok
no that is wrong
don't answer then walk away

Someone is about to be killed in front of you what dod you do?

save them and put the murderer in jail for life.
kill the murderer the bring the person you save to their home
sit down with popcorn and watch
stop the killer and convince them that killing is not the way to get what you want

what do you think of this test

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it matters how good the answer is

How are you today

Good as long as I continue to make people happy