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A short poem. Viewer discretion is advised. A trigger warning just to be safe. I take no credit for the cover image. Please don't steal. Thank you. -Cris
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Warning! Probably swearing, maybe some other themes. Nothing too major but uh, yeah. Just a temporary title for a series of drabbles, mostly between two of my OCs. To be edited and revised. Majorly. Still, it'll be fine, probab...
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A Book of Poems
A collection of Poems I've written, well, ones I've written semi-recently. Feedback and commentary is appreciated as is constructive criticism. Some have rather melancholic themes. You have been warned. Posted in no particular ...
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Exodius: A collection of Lore
Aside from Lore, this is just a place holder for various...notes. It's mainly for personal reasons, though you're more than welcome to look around if interested.
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Tangled Threads of Fate (Sonic the Hedgehog)
They were otherwise to never meet, each one different and yet unique, but their destinies were all intertwined. Indeed, one would clearly find, that they were all connected to the other by the red strings of fate.
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The OC Book
Just to keep track of all the OC's I've made...Entry size may vary. Backstories often not included. Images are definitely not mine, but all OC's belong to me. The worlds they may be from may not.
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Porcelain Dolls
Just a short story I wrote. The title is not set in stone and likely to change. The word limit was 500 words so I apologise if any of it is too abrupt. Part of it borders on persuasive text, although it was only an attempt to g...
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The Tale of Team 11
Many people know Naruto's story, They know of 'Konoha's #1 Knucklehead Ninja". They know about the Rookie 9 consisting of Aburame Shino, Inuzuka Kiba and his partner Akamaru, Hyuga Hinata, Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru, Akimich...
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The Book of Randomness
This is pretty much a bunch of random things I've written. This counts from OC's of any fandom or roleplay, short stories, poems and more! I'm too lazy to make a story picture so yeah. Read if you want. I'm not forcing you to.
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Falling into Oblivion: Falling [Rewritten]
Just a teaser paragraph of my story in it's rewritten form ;) (I just used a random photo for the cover image by the way) Please comment what you think! If you want more I may add another paragraph .3.
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Nightfall (Under The Moonlight Rewritten)
This is the rewritten version of Under the Moonlight because I felt as if it could have been better so I rewrote it. You don't have to read it, but I appreciate it if you do. Thanks ^_^ ~Crimson
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Falling Into Oblivion Book 1: Falling
Ok I was bored and I started writing the prologue to this story. Whether or not I post the rest of the chapters I will post the prologue to the story ;). I would appreciate if you comment your opinions on the story. I am planni...
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A Light In The Dark
So this is a collaboration story of Crystaldiamond2323 and Crimsonthehedgehog (a.k.a me) I hope you enjoy.
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Ok so this is supposed to be a horror story, my first time writing something like this. Also it is a choose your own fate story. Please do not read it in order of chapters as it won't make any sense then,Sorry if chapters are s...
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This is my divergent parody of Radioactive, it may not be the best but well,here it is
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Ok so I just published the other one but then i realized I was tagged by Crystaldiamond2323! So I decided to just make a story including all the times I was tagged as I cant edit the other one since I ticked completed. I will k...
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I was tagged, twice in a row!
Well.. First time getting tagged so lets see how it goes. i will add the first tag then the second
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The Celestial Born
Its finally here ^.^ Well the full prologue will be for now, if you would like a oc please go to my question asking about ocs for this and its a profile question, anyways hope you enjoy ^.^
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Under the moonlight
Disclaimer: If this story seems like Twilight(as some people said it has before) then that was unintentional. Anyways with that said I hope you enjoy, please do not copy my idea as I have put in a lot of effort for this. If the...
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Crimson the hedgehog
I decided to make a story about my OCs Crimson and Dusk.I may add other peoples OCs if they allow me to which they may not.I am only a mild Sonic fan so sorry if things are not that good.Making the prologue then anything else.
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