Nightfall (Under The Moonlight Rewritten)

This is the rewritten version of Under the Moonlight because I felt as if it could have been better so I rewrote it. You don't have to read it, but I appreciate it if you do. Thanks ^_^ ~Crimson

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Chapter 1.


(Author's Note: A/N's will be in brackets, feel free to skip this but the picture is what I imagine Jaden to look like but you can change any of the names or appearances to what you want if you don't like them. Also, due to the planned cover image being bigger then the limit, it unfortunately won't be on here. ^_^ ~Crimson)


It was a cold winter’s night in July. It was snowing outside as I gazed longingly out the window. It was closed and covered by a layer of fog. Frost was hanging off the sill, slowly dripping water. I looked around at what was outside of the house. The ground was just a layer of white. Snowflakes were slowly drifting to the ground. The moon was covered by grey clouds. There was not a single visible star in the sky. A small smile tugged at the edge of my mouth as I remembered that one day it all changed however it quickly turned into a frown as the memory of what happened after came to mind.

By now you’re probably wondering who I am and what day I am talking about and so I apologize for not introducing myself earlier. My name is Arianna Evergreen. I have a fairly pale complexion along with raven black hair that reached mid-back. My eyes are like my mother’s blue hues except darker and with a reddish tint. However after that day they turned ruby red so I sometimes use contact lenses. As for the day I am talking, well it’s hard to explain. I suppose I should tell you a little more about myself or more specifically my family.

My family seemed like your normal everyday family. We weren’t the richest nor were we poor. You could consider us mid-class. We lived in an old Victorian styled house. It was two stories high not including the attic or basement. Everything except my bedroom was basically downstairs as it was bigger and more spacious. For some reason we had no mirrors. We also rarely had garlic as dad was allergic and so the rare chances we did, dad would always stay in his room.

Enough about our house. I suppose I should introduce my parents to you. My mother, Anastasia has beautiful long brown locks that at night, seemed almost black. Her eyes were the most beautiful dark blue, almost indigo. Sometimes if you look hard enough you could see tiny dots of silver, like stars. My father, Alucard has black hair, as black as the night. His eyes were a very dark brown with a slight tint of red. For some reason both of my parents canine teeth were sharper than normal, almost like fangs.

My mother was the one person I knew I could always talk to except on a full moon where she completely vanished, not leaving a trace. She has batlike hearing and a terrific sense of smell. When I was three, we went shopping and I found a dog whistle. I had picked it up and blown on it, hard and so with me being three, I was confused as to why I couldn’t hear anything and guess what I did? I blew it again. I barely noticed my mother running over to me until she stopped my hand from bringing the whistle up to my mouth to blow again and she almost growled at me to put it back!

Now dad was almost never there yet I still knew he loved me. He would spend most of the day asleep and when he woke up he would almost immediately leave and go for long walks. One time when I was five, I saw him with a bit of blood dripping from his mouth area. When I asked about it, he told me that he was shaving and must have cut himself with the razor. It would have been believable if he actually had a beard however I was gullible and believed everything he said at the time.

With that said, the story can now begin. It was the 15th of January (a few days after my birthday and so I was now 16) and I was with my best friend Jaden. He had soft brown hair that was slightly messy. His eyes were a warm chocolate brown. He was like a big brother figure to me however recently I have started feeling differently around him. Whenever he was near, my cheeks would flush and my heartbeat always sped up. I was lost in my thoughts and only snapped out of my personal reverie when a deep rumbling was heard. I turned around to see Jaden in the midst of chuckling.

I felt my eyes narrow slightly. “Is something funny? “I asked with my eyes daring him to answer. He stopped laughing and looked down at me. ”Nothing at all Aria, it’s just you looked so out of it, what were you thinking about anyways?’ He asked. I was about to reply but he suddenly interrupted. “Were you perhaps thinking about me?” He replied in a seductive tone with a wink.  I felt my cheeks instantly heat up. “No!” I shouted in shock. Jaden laughed again. “Just kidding Aria!” He said, his playful demeanour returning.

My blush slowly faded. “Well, I should probably head home. Mum and dad are probably worried” I said pouting slightly, not wanting to leave so soon. Jaden nodded and I left heading home however as soon as I reached my doorstep I heard my phone going off. It was Jaden. I picked up. “Hello?” I asked wondering what he needed. “Hey...Aria. Can you please come back to the park…You left your jacket?” He asked and hanged up. I held my phone down in front of me as my brow creased and my mouth turned down into a worried frown. Something wasn’t right. Jaden’s voice sounded different, almost strained.

I put my phone away and headed back towards the park but when I got there, it wasn’t what I expected. Jaden was standing there facing away from me. I walked forwards slowly but suddenly stopped when he turned around to face me. His complexion was paler then his normally tan skin but that wasn’t what drew my attention. It was his eyes. They were a bright red, like melted rubies. They stared directly at me, as if trying to peer into my very soul. “Hello Aria” He asked as his gaze looked me up and down. I shivered slightly. This was NOT the Jaden I knew.” W-who are you?” I asked him, internally cursing myself for stuttering.

He laughed, but unlike his normally cheerful one, it was more sinister.” Why isn’t it obvious my dear? I am Jaden” he said as he stopped laughing. I looked into his eyes but that was my mistake. Fear suddenly enveloped me as my body froze. I tried to turn and run from the monster in front of me however my body would not listen. I was completely paralysed.

Suddenly, he disappeared and my eyes widened. “Calling me a monster isn’t very nice” a voice said, he was right behind me. I felt his warm breath breathing down onto my neck causing me to flinch. “After all there is a difference between a monster and a vampire”. That was the last thing I heard before I felt his fangs on my neck before a gasp escaped me as a bolt of pain shocked me. My vision faded and the next thing I saw was the back of my eyelids. My whole body felt numb before I soon lost consciousness.
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