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When you hear Qfeast, what do you think of?
Whether it be a word, specific users (if so, kudos to you), a trait, ideas or something else entirely...Just curious. Oh, and as a side question, what date did you join this...wonderful site? I think of...Well, right now? A co...
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What are your Pottermore stats?
Pottermore is pretty much the digital heart of J.K Rowling's Wizarding World. If you're a Harry Potter fan, then I recommend you check the site out, it's pretty cool. If you already have, then great! And for those who have, wh...
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I'm writing a story and well..does anyone want a oc?
So it's called the celestial born. There's a preview in the a/n of my story under the moonlight. The basic oc form will be below in the description. ----> name:___Age: (optional but would be preferred) Element: (fire water eart...
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What was your first reaction to..Creepy pasta?
What was the first ever creepy pasta story you ever read whether it was Jeff the killer, smiledog or even cupcakes(from mlp FiM). Post in the comments also don't forget to post your reaction.Did not know what to classify it as ...
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