A short poem. Viewer discretion is advised. A trigger warning just to be safe. I take no credit for the cover image. Please don't steal. Thank you. -Cris

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Chapter 1.


Feedback is appreciated. I'm far from a poet or wordsmith but I do dabble here and there. Nonetheless, enjoy. Feel free to skip the rest of this note as it was for the quota. As is the following chapter. I hope you have a wonderful day. This is by no means an insight but I was experimenting with my writing and well, this was the product.

i'll paint  a mask so i can fit in,
and wear it like a second skin.
to what you say, i’ll go along
so i can feel like i belong.

will you finally like me then?

i’ll keep my feelings locked inside,
and hide behind a beaming smile,
anything to make you satisfied,
when i give an inch, take a mile.

and you'll finally like me when?

i'll hide my insecurity,
and what i choose, i'll run by you
so i  can avoid your scrutiny,
in everything i do.

could you finally like me too?

i'll  turn a blind eye to what i see
and hold my breath and bite my cheek,
i’ll believe your lies and always agree
staying submissive, shy and meek

i'll stick to the path you set,
and follow the rest of the crowd
i'll throw away all my regret,
if it means making you proud

so can i finally like me too?
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on September 14, 2019
on September 14, 2019