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This is pretty much a bunch of random things I've written. This counts from OC's of any fandom or roleplay, short stories, poems and more! I'm too lazy to make a story picture so yeah. Read if you want. I'm not forcing you to.

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Chapter 1.


Information on this story:
This was just a short (By short, I mean 500 words) story I had written for a competition. So without further ado, enjoy!

A pair of green eyes snapped open as a groan came from the human male. The boy had flaming red hair and wore a black shirt coupled with denim shorts. He blinked once, twice, before stumbling to his feet and looking around frantically. He was in the middle of what seemed to be a lush green meadow filled with a variety of flowers. Roses, daisies, violets, you name it and it was there. The sky was a bright blue and the sun was smiling. The boy relaxed. It seemed safe but it was quiet, too quiet. His brow furrowed, his mouth twisting into a frown. “Where am I?” The boy muttered. Suddenly, a figure popped up in front of him causing the male to fall backwards with a startled shout. “Hi!” The figure cheerfully shouted. It was a young girl with black hair whose fringe covered her eyes. She was smiling brightly. Before the male could respond, the girl continued. “Welcome to Dreamland! The place of your dreams” She would giggle before skipping off. The boy stared wide-eyed before shrugging and following after the bubbly girl. Other people would wave to them as they walked past. At first, he would ignore them, still trying to comprehend what was happening, but eventually, he would wave back deciding that they seemed friendly.

Eventually, the duo stopped in front of a waterfall. The black-haired girl turned to the male. “Here is our stop! Go on!” She would smile. The red-head looked at the raging waterfall, gulping. Unbeknownst to him, the girl’s smile dropped. “Go on!” Even though she wasn’t smiling, her voice sounded happy. The boy took a few steps back before sprinting as fast as he could and leaping through the frigid water, shutting his eyes closed so as to not get water in his eyes. He hesitantly opened his eyes at seeing he was still alive and breathing. His eyes widened in wonder and awe. He was in a magnificent cave with beautiful glowing crystals. His look of wonder soon disappeared, replaced by bewilderment as the crystals suddenly shattered. As the crystals were the only thing illuminating the cave, the cave was pitch black. He heard a dark chuckle causing the hair on the back of his neck to stand up. “W-what?” He stuttered, looking around frantically even though he couldn’t see a thing. He stepped back before turning around and running, only to bump into a wall. “No escape..” A voice hissed. He turned around as he heard footsteps approach. A pair of cold hands wrapped around his throat, choking him. He let out a strangled cry as he began to lose air and his world began to grow blurry and lose colour.

A pair of green eyes snapped open. The male shot up before relaxing. “It was only a dream..” He mumbled. He jumped out of bed, going downstairs. It had just been a horrid nightmare.

The boy, however, was unaware of the red marks on his neck.
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